Sunday, February 4, 2007

Now that is a Super Bowl!

Had to snag this it! How come the toilet bowl cleaners haven't thought of this for marketing...ha! I mean Wheaties sure but.... HA! And heck the football players should do some service announcements on reducing road rage...keep it on the field idea!

Late last night Bryant Gumble, who I will say I am not a fan of, had a segment on his show about retired football players not getting disability. Now this apparently is in their contract & one player who had a 7 year court case did just win. He unfortunately died prior but his family will get the 1.5M. They said they are getting a pension of 24K...salaries then were about 26K compared to what they get today despite the fact that it was a much rougher game then it is today & they had more severe injuries as a result. One guy had 7 operations this year...100 days in the hospital & he was only 56 years old & man he looked so much older than that. Another was actually even younger & coached a bit for MSU (where I worked on my PhD) but now can't even do that.

At first I thought, what are they complaining about they knew what they were getting into & get the salaries etc but this show really made me think. It is in their contract but what the union guy is saying is he works for the current players and not the retirees. Of course the current players do not care about them nor are they thinking about their futures. It was just so sad. Mike Ditka was being interviewed. He and many other retirees either do not go or no longer go to the Hall of Fame ceremonies any longer. This was brought up by a new inductee who made comments about this for his acceptance speech. They said the NFL union is the worst in all the leagues. They were comparing to baseball & man what a difference & that is not a contact sport. I wonder what hockey does??? hmmm?

It was very interesting. Try to catch it! 

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