Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bueller for President?

Is it possible to not watch Ferris Bueller when you see it on tv? HA! Watching it do they look "young", and do I feel old! HA! After all this time now, it made me wonder..."Where would Ferris be in life today?" HA! That can be very interesting!

Lets see...He can sing a bit... 
He can lounge..

He can have fun with friends and not get caught... Politican? HA!

Speaking of which where do you think they are in life now

What about Jeannie...she needs some major help I think! HA!

And Principal Rooney?

And would she be?

What do you think?


njlittlebear said...

Anyone ? Anyone ?  Bueller ? Bueller ?


drfaustuslament said...

I think he would be in prison for trying to swindle senior citizens on an elaborate insurance fraud scheme.

slc94 said...

I loved that 80's!

acoward15 said...

His girlfriend was hot!