Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Poor Cupid!

Fell asleep before I got this out last night...oops! Ha! Well, I think this is my cupid! HA! The poor thing. Of course then doesn't look self-inflicted so maybe not! HA! Although I sure have had a lot of men opening doors for me lately. It is rather odd...I mean it is happening again where some are married & they open for me but not for their wives and I'm like "Are you a totally idiot!" Ugh!

Yesterday was very quiet. Campus was open but very few students. I had about 1/2 my Social class but then we were actually talking about Love on Valentine's day so that may have been the draw. Intro next, few less but one of my students brought her two high school brothers who were off and they really enjoyed the class & put down their games to watch the movie I showed on Animal Intelligence. They talked to me after class for about 10 min & were smiling & said they really enjoyed it. I'm so glad they learned something new! My Abnormal class...2 students ugh! I let them go. You'd think later in the day more would show up because they had more time to plow driveways but....? Many of our students are in rural areas so they just could not get to campus.

My PT called & canceled. She said none of the doctors in the building even showed up. I was going to cancel anyways. I thought I would go home right after my office hours but ended up working because today I'm swamped with meetings & I won't get much done. One of my colleagues came by & asked if I wanted to go to dinner. We had not for a long time so we did & so I didn't get home until close to 11! HA!

I didn't even get to watch any romance on tv...oh well...I do during the year so no biggie! I did talk to my class about the media influence & all the movies & what we grew up influencing what we are attracted to etc. It is amazing what movies they have not seen and the music. Do you know none of them had seen Elvis ever on any footage. Well of course I had to show them! HA! Showed them "Burning Love" (Can I get "A Hunka Hunka Burning Love...! ) :-) Talked about wedding & prom songs influencing what we like or reflective of the time etc. So it was fun.

They are all investigating love in different cultures, what men & women are attracted to, something about relationships & marriage etc & they have to interview different age ranges on what the definition of love is. Then they will present a powerpoint. It is always very interesting! I have some doing some very interesting cultures.

I also told them to interview their grandparents etc on how they met & got engaged etc. It is just fascinating when I hear the stories & some are gone now so I can't ask. I told them later you will be sorry you didn't find out, so do it now. I remember talking with someone very special to me & he mentioned the pieces of our puzzle of life missing when someone passes away & how it feels odd. I think it is more pieces of our heart like this picture above...though maybe a few pieces can replace or match so when someone leaves someone replaces or maybe it just makes it more 3D...fuller? I mean not totally replace but close enough fit that it heals more? Hmmm? And I think it is true with finding someone...we are looking for that most important piece that is the very key to figuring out the rest & making it easier to complete it....where are my puzzle people? You know what I'm talking about on that right?!

Now whatcha think of this necklace? I saw it & kinda liked it! Problem is I can't remember where I saw it! HA! Sorry! Has diamonds in the center loops where you come together. I like that higher level of love where you intertwine... :-) Well, I hope you all had a lovely V-Day! Mine was quiet & just nice. Gave candy to my students who did come & went & passed it along to my colleagues...good stuff Doves! :-) Remember love is not just about 1 day! Keep it all year round like the Christmas Spirit! Heck, with the prices of everything on Valentines day I'm all for having your own personal valentines day. Just buy the cards after V-day & save them for throughout the year. I have a stash! HA! Well, sometimes there are some awesome ones & you know when you want it they won't be there! HA! All it takes is a little hand picked daisy or heck I love the thought in a dandelion even...see we get people to spray our lawns & no dandelions...we just kill the romance! HA! Ok, enough...have a great day today!

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