Sunday, February 11, 2007

Suzy Snowflake is Pooped!

Well we have a snow watch for late Monday evening through Tues & 6-9 inches of snow supposedly right where I am!    Well depends...Weather Channel saying that but CBS just said 4-6 now...ugh! "Blizzard like conditions" Tues morning! Well I only have 1 class Tues but I'll still take the day off & stay home toasty rather than go out in a blizzard. It would be even better if there was someone here to be toasty with the cats don't do it! HA! In fact, I think they are not thrilled when I stay home. I mean they usually have peace & know you hear that phrase all the time & isn't that really redundant? Why am I this old & just noticing that? Ugh! Anyways...I think they would rather I not be home petting, hugging, and kissing them to death! HA! Except Country...he probably figures he can eat earlier!

It figures too since I went & got the salt washed off my SUV today since I had a ticket still from summer. At least I have a free wash for the next 5 days so I can always go Friday and get the new snow off.

Do you remember Suzy Snowflake? I loved watching her when I was a kid...still remember the song and sing it to my niece. She is still having fun this winter, certainly on the East coast, but now she seems to want to visit the midwest! Boy am I going to love when spring finally gets here & I can plant!



helmswondermom said...

We're supposed to get a snowy mix tonight and tomorrow, but I don't think we'll get much accumulation.  We'll probably just end up getting a lot of ice!  I don't remember Suzy Snowflake, but I remember Suzy Chapstick!

chat2missie said...

The storm is  heading my way to.  Tuesday afternoon for us.  8 inches so far is expected.  Phooey!!

rebuketheworld said...

Hey Deb, I dont remember Suzy Snowflake and I think I am older than you. Pretty cool though, I liked it. Wished I hadnt missed it. Hows your foot/ankle doing?...I will browse....and look for any updates.........

We only got hit once with snow in Portland. A blizzard?....Now that would be yuck. Hope your staying warm and spoiling yourself.