Friday, July 28, 2006

Now Barkely Wants To Be A Role Model...Pfft!


Ok, before everyone starts yelling I'm not saying anything about Barkley's accomplishments in sports...that is all fine & good BUT I find it quite hysterical that the man who was on TV yelling at everyone that he should not be considered a role model for kids but rather their parents should be NOW wants to run for political office exclaiming....

"I really believe I was put on Earth to do more than play basketball and stockpile money," said Barkley, known as the Round Mound of Rebound. "I really want to help people improve their lives, and what's left is for me to decide how best to do that."

So all of a sudden the man wants to be a role model! RIGHT! Should have thought of that sooner buddy! I know "some people's" lightbulb goes on much later in life (and some goes off!) but I just don't know about any sudden transformation happening to him. You sure this wasn't just some goofy idea that came up one day drinking or gambling? Hey, ya, if you are governor of Alabama you might be able to change some laws in your favor! Hmmm!

I also find interesting is his NEW REVELATION....

Barkley continued to identify himself as a Republican until recently, when he switched parties. "I was a Republican until they lost their minds," he said earlier this month.

What did they do against him? Hmmm? What does he feel they lost their minds about? How Democratic is he if he does believe in Republican ideas but just feels the Party has gone crazy somehow?
So what do you think? I'm just not seeing Barkley as qualified to govern a whole state! Where are the previous experience? What qualifications does he feel he has? You don't see MIKE running for IL? I'll be he would win though! Hmmm? :-) Especially for who the choices are in IL this time around! You think you can put in that one can have the day off to go to sporting events? That may be one advantage. Of course season ticket holders would make out but hey good way to get more season ticket holders! HA!


robinngabster said...

LOL!  I love Charles as a basketball player and an all around smart ass but I am not sure about a political office.  

jeannieclaire said...

I think political office pretty means you have to be a loser.  I mean look at Bush, Cheney, Lieberstein, McCain, the list goes on and on.  That being said, if Barkley runs, he'll likely win.  Although I'm not sure he's loser enough to have the winning ticket.

psychfun said...

HA! I never thought of it that true!

swibirun said...

He is about as qualified as Jesse Ventura or Arnold Schwarzenager, huh?  Oh, wait, lol.

He is so volatile, it would scare me if he was in charge of anything more than a girl scout troop.  Wait, even that scares me.

Didn't he once through a short person out of a bar window?