Sunday, July 23, 2006

STOP...Lalala I'm Not Listening!

STOP, STOP, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not even finished with teaching summer school & they have all the Back to School supplies & clothese etc out in the stores! UGH!!!! (Ok, so I bought my niece a few butterfly folders & my sis some polar bear stuff, but that was only because I thought it might be gone if I waited...don't you just hate those retailers who are relying on that!) 

I want to still enjoy the summer & relax! I am done next Friday & have 2 weeks off & then I go back for In-Service! UGH!

Dr. Z. better get this foot fixed! I want to still dance the rest of my summer! Unfortunately, it is doing worse! Ugh! 

Where is my Knight in Shining Armor to take me away to some secluded beach to relax with?! Sniff Sniff  ;-)



helmswondermom said...

Just 14 more days to go until our kids are back in school.  I sympathise.  Where did the summer go?  Love your graphics, btw.  So sorry your foot isn't any better!

swibirun said...

Waaaaaaaaa.  I barely get a vacation, let me break out my violin for ya!!! LOL.

We've already done our back to school shopping too.  Crap, Christmas shopping will be here next week......jeeze I'm getting old.


psychfun said...

Oh now Christmas shopping I have no problem with! HA!