Saturday, July 29, 2006

This Foot is NOT made for walking! Ugh!

AHHHHHHH! Yes, that is a SCREAM! My toes & foot sticking out from the soft cast are so big they are about twice the size of  my other foot! I drove 1 1/2 hrs, sat in class for like 7 hours & then I start walking on it & it goes nuts! I'm barely doing anything. Burning feeling, pain, pulling feeling, where doesn't it hurt! I want to take this soft cast off & see what is going on inside it. I even started taking my 600mg of Motrin & some Tylenol the last two days. At least my last Psych class on WWII was great. I really like this prof. I'm going to look what else he offers. I have another paper to write but I'll do it Mon. Well, tomorrow hopefully it will get a bit of rest. Heading up to the folks in the afternoon so I can lounge around there & relax. Monday Dr. Z. can look at my foot & see what he thinks.
I was just watching the 2nd half of Must Love Dogs. Yummy John! Man is he tall! And I love that dog! I want to get one so bad. Dusty says no though! Too small of a place he says.

You know watching the movie made me wonder how many chances does one get? I mean if you are meant to be together will you get another chance? What do you think? I like the idea they talk about where your heart expands each time a relationship ends to help you really with the next one. Hmmm? On that note I think I should go to sleep. Didn't get much sleep last night & had to get up early to head down for my class. Long day & well maybe I'll dream about this! HA!


rebuketheworld said...

I missed how you hurt your foot..I will have to look at your site and see,,,very sorry,,,and doesnt sound like your resting much missy,,,,I love those dogs too but I want to raise Siberian Huskies,,they're my favorite....Hope you try and get some rest!!!

siennastarr said...

Sorry about your foot! :(   I hope it heals quickly!

I loved the movie, "Must Love Dogs", and yes, John Cusack is HOT!  He is much cuter now, then he was when he was younger.  Did you ever see him in the Molly Ringwald movie "16 Candles?"  He played one of those goofy nerd guys.  So funny.  From that to a leading man.  Go figure.


sugarsweet056 said...

Hope your foot is better SOON!
I liked that movie too.  :)
Hugs, Sugar

xomywayox said...

Very good movie, it's in my collection.

Yes, I think love gives seconds chances. Both parties have to be willing tho.

Hope your piggies get to feeing better.


jeannieclaire said...

Hey, did I miss something here?  At one time I thought you said you were a professor yet this entry indicates you are a student.  Are you a professor or a student?  I'm confused.

psychfun said...

Professors are eternal students...we have to keep current & we obviously love learning! :-)

imgr8phil said...

Take care of that foot and try to stay off of it as much as possible.  As far as Charles Barkley getting into politics he would probably be a perfect fit these days.  He isn't anymore ridiculous than Bush and they both say stupid thing quite often.  Alabama can have him LOL.  We got our Governator here in California and he promises, like always, that he'll "be back".  God help us all LOL.  Have a good Sunday.


cste609371 said...