Saturday, May 7, 2005

Life Is Short - Wear Your Party Pants!

Man do I love Gretchen Wilson! ;-) Too bad more of life can't be a party! Or rather maybe too bad more people can't realize it should be a party. Well more than it is. I suppose it can't be all the time but man if more people just had "mini parties" throughout their day society would be so much happier! How much did you laugh today? Hmmm! Watch tomorrow & try to add one extra laugh a day!

Loretta LaRoche just cracks me up! This is the title of her newest book & I love it! If you want to listen to her you can go to the link below every Friday from 1-2 PST! I love her video "Humor Your Stress".

Radio Show:

Her Website:

I love watching MASH (on 3 times!) to laugh! And if I'm up really late the GSN has on the old Match Game& there are some good laughs there.

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