Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ranting is Good Therapy!

Just opened an email from Cheryl Richardson - http://www.cherylrichardson.com - and she explains a therapeutic technique called "the 2 minute rant rule." This technique allows one to rant & rave about anything for 2 minutes but at the end of the 2 minutes you have to put into action a plan to resolve the problem, humor is encouraged as part of the plan. She says that Ranting is Good Therapy! YAAA! I have that therapy method down pat then! Ha! You can view the newsletter here - http://www.cherylrichardson.com/newsletter/05-week21.html

She gave a variety of ranting examples such as why the grass having to be cut at 7am! I totally agree! I mean I love the grass being cut - it is one of my most relaxing sounds & smells of summer! Others are small planes (from lying on the grass during the summer as a kid with not a care in the world & watching the clouds), smell of grills AHHHHH...hey I haven't finished talking about this Ranting Therapy & I'm relaxing...maybe I should just make a tape of these sounds! :-) Ok...back to where I was...I love the sound & smell of the grass being cut but at 7am when I'm still sleeping I can't enjoy it! Either I'm asleep or it is waking me from some awesome dream & that is not great! I certainly can't smell it, so that doesn't help! Cut the grass later in the day when I can enjoy it! Ha! :-)

Now here is my "2 minute rant" for the moment. I'm heading to bed as soon as I finish this but my digital cable tv has been going on & off for the past 2 hours! Once my cable internet disconnected also. I call "my provider" and they say, "Is your internet on now?" I tell them yes & they say well I can't do anything about it now! They don't offer to give me some credit & he says he can't even connect me to the cable tv department that I will have to call back and select that dept...this is the number I already waited 10 min or more on the line forsomeone to answer!!! UGHHHH! Ok, was that 2 minutes? Maybe less? I decided to email them so I can have less stress & go to sleep! Ha!

Related to my previous journal...maybe the cable doing on & off  is God having fun with me! Ha! Maybe he is trying to get me to go to sleep? Then again....maybe I have a Poltergeist situation? Do I hear "Carol Anne"? :-) "They're Here!!!" For those of you not as old as I am, take a look here - http://www.spielbergfilms.com/poltergeisthome.html - it's a creepy one...grab a guy with a strong chest to sink your head into while you watch! :-) Oh...BTW...I think that is Genetic! My little niece did it to my brother during Shrek II when Puss N Boots clawed Shrek! Ha! I just looked at him & laughed...he said, "What do you women train them right away when they are babies?" I said, "It's Genetic!" I couldn't stop laughing! I'm laughing now! Ha!

Well I better go to bed before I buy this Lakota Pain relieve stuff they are trying hard to sell me on tv! :-) Obvsiously my cable is back on...for how long is anyone's guess!

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