Saturday, May 7, 2005

Love Actually

Speaking of great movies...Love Actually is also wonderful! and also has wonderful theme music! The background music is so heart-warming! That little adorable boy! Can you imagine him later as a man?! Not afraid to be daring & tell a woman he likes her, much less loves her! To not be afraid to ask a girl out knowing THAT is what life is about...the risks! Like in Grumpy Old Men the line "the only thing in life you regret is the risks you don't take!" Hmmm!

I love the character of Natalie! The best part is when she doesn't care how prime & proper the prime minister should be & runs & jumps on him in the airport! Too bad people don't do this all the time when we see people we love! :-) I know my niece still does! She will open the door & be yelling my name and "I'm here!" When she was little she'd watch for me in the window & even when I drove into the driveway with my music on, windows closed & house windows closed on the house I could hear her yelling in excitement. If only we were like that all the time! :-) To give that kind of love & to receive it...what little it takes!

Of course it wasn't hard to look at Colin Firth! Woof! 
So tall! ;-) and he is so interesting...even in Bridget Jone's Diaries he can be so quiet & hard to approach but when he smiles & when he does let you! Of course there is Rodrigo Santoro! Double Woof! I can't believe they don't have him on the website for the movie! Man! Those shoulders! Hmmm!

So is Love Actually All Around Us? Take a look! :-)

I just thought about another movie! Good Will Hunting...when Robin Williams character says he had tickets to the ball game & he gives up his ticket & says "Gotta see about a girl!" Ahhh! And just recently I watched a movie where the female says she wants a man who is willing to make a fool of himself for her or over her. It has been driving me crazy for weeks..I can't remember what movie it was. Anyone know? Email me! Ugh!

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