Monday, April 2, 2007


Hi Eveyone!

Well, I'm on Spring Break. Not sure I really feel it yet. Well, considering I wouldn't be in class yet I guess that is why. HA! I'm looking forward to catching up a bit & spring cleaning & getting my place popping up with spring flowers & bunnies! :-) I'm pulling apart some things & refreshing also. I got some new pussy willows & tree branches at the Flower Show so I'm redoing my Angel Display. I'll take pictures. 

I got my newsletter from Cheryl Richardson on Journaling & I thought I would share it with you. Good reminder on why Journaling is such a great idea. I use to journal almost everyday when I was in HS & College. Haven't for a long time myself. I love going back to my college ones & reading what happened & how I felt. I've found there it is quite heavy on the college guys! HA! Amazing what I thought then. It is funny to see where I may have been wrong or even clueless in some cases. Do you ever wish you can go back & try things a different way. I know the major things that go wrong in life many of us do or maybe later we know it is for a reason, but I mean the little things. Almost like the movie "Sliding Doors" where you can see each way. Just interesting to think about. Though I suppose one little thing can make a major "Back to the Future" HA! You just wonder you know...if you did stay when he grabbed your arm (yes, a clueless one I think! Ha!) etc.

I love my Kim Anderson journal books. They are suppose to be journaling about my niece. I haven't done very well on that. I think I will make it something I try to start up this spring break! I have a few things I want to start so maybe I can continue for the few weeks we have left before summer.

The photo on top is my favorite Kim Anderson photo. I think I feel like it is my spirit many times. Combination of observing life, being goofy, thought provoking, laughing at life, frustrated just so much there. The bottom one is my next or tied. I just feel that one in my spirit so much too....Don't know why? Feels right? Odd.

Here is a bit of what Cheryl says...

Over the years I've learned that if I stick with it and write long enough,
I always encounter a magic moment -- a flash of insight that lifts me
above the current problem so I can view it from a higher perspective.
From this higher place, I'm released from the grips of reaction so I can
respond in a more mature and authentic way.

Go to full newsletter - Scroll down to letter on Journaling.


chat2missie said...

I feel journaling has been very theraputic for me.  Especially the last few months.  Have a wonderful day.

rdautumnsage said...

I feel journaling is a journey for me. A testament of where I was in life and the paths I have yet to travel. In my journaling I have taken an inward glimpse of me and taken my pain and sorrow, as well as my joy and given others glimpses of another way of living. Sometimes we inadvertly end up helping someone who sees things a little more clearly from another perspective , yours. Wonderful post hon!
Thanks for reminding me why I do write. (Hugs) Indigo

helmswondermom said...

I so agree with what she says about journaling.