Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Got A MAJOR Ouchie!

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while...and I may not be able to for a bit. Last Tuesday I had to call an ambulance I was in so much excruciating pain with my hip. I think I opened my eyes a bit to be able to recognize the ambulance drivers if I saw them again. I was like so out of it due to the pain. My bp was ugh! The doc got me out of pain, but then my big toe was numb to the ankle and my hip felt like it would give out everytime I walked. I feel like I'm walking with one short leg. I need a major Band Aid!

The doctor I had I had previously. He was wonderful the first time, unfortunately he was the exact opposite this time. I wish a family member had been there with me to let him know. He released me without me even getting out of bed yet. Yes, I will be doing something about it believe me, but first I have to take care of myself. He sent me off with a prescription of Vicodin without even discussing the reason for my new symptoms or checking them out. They treated me so poorly. I was so sleepy. I had taken a muscle relaxant already a home before they gave me more & a narcotic. I told them I did. I called my doc & she could not believe they were not checking out those symptoms so she asked me to go to her hospital's ER. Yep, two ERs in one day! One bro picked me up & the other came down to bring me to that ER. That doc gave me some other meds & took x-rays & she explained a bit more what she thought was going on. She told me what symptoms to make sure I come back for if they occurred. My bro took me home by him for the evening & took off the next day to stay with me. Ya, he is very sweet...when he wants to most men! He brought me back the next day. We dropped off my prescription & later in the evening, when I started to feel a bit more twinges, I thougt it just might be worth trying to pick it up myself so that if I needed it in the wee hours I would have it. The next morning I was glad I took one. Of course 5 hrs later when it wore off I got a fuzzy vicodin hang-over headache. Ugh. Not real bad though. I haven't taken one since. I really don't want to unless I have to. I know they are addicting so...I can deal with some pain but I do have my limits.

Right now I need Dr. Georgeous (ha! my new combo word)!

Well, yesterday (Thurs) I got an MRI on my lower spine. Now I had an an MRI the previous Friday on my right hip & all they found was some mild inflamation. Well, as we got into the scan they kept asking me if I was ok and then they came to help me off the table when I was leaving. They said sometimes you have to do more than one test to get the answer, since they did mine the previous Friday. They then said, you will have your answer on this MRI & we got some really good pictures of it. Of course they can't tell you because of HIPPA but that was ok. I was somewhat relieved, because then you have a game plan to get better, but I was a bit frustrated emotionally to learn it was something major. I kinda knew that though with my symptoms. I just can't believe it...I can't seem to get better without something else happening. I'm going to ask if this may be due to my foot being bad for so long & maybe why my other knee has a problem now. Probably all interacting with each other no doubt. 

Now laying around on the couch would not be so bad in this case! HA! Except....Ya I think my back would get worse...ha! But hey, that might just be worth it! HA! Well, I'd rather not...that pain was just unbearable. But this is the goal...get that lower back working again...I'm too young...I still need it very much! ;-)

Ok, so my doc calls today....TWO herniated disks! Well, you know when I do things I do them well! Ugh! Us darn High Achievers! Actually, I think they say when one goes another does to compensate. Now the L4-L5 to the right is pressing on a nerve thus the symptoms in my right leg. The L5-S1 to the left is not pressing on the nerve so far. Next...Neurosurgeon. Sigh....first apt available AUGUST! Right! Well, they faxed the report to him & hopefully they will get me in much sooner. I'm not sure yet what really are my options until I talk to him. My doc put me on a Steroid Anti-Inflammatory pack...Methylprednisolone. Started it this afternoon. My dad was so kind & said if they can get the inflammation down off the nerve maybe that will diminish my numbness & hip problem. Has anyone had herniated disks like this before? Can you improve this just with PT or is it an automatic surgery thing???

I'm thinking some lovely warm water therapy... ;-) Whatcha think?!

My sister came down tonight & was wonderful. She took care of some things for me...vaccumed, took my trash out, got me some groceries etc. It really relieved me so much. I did drive to the pharmacy today to get my meds but thankfully they have a drive-thru. I can't do long walking. The guys who live next door to me offered to help & I just asked if they would take my trash can to the curb today for pick-up. They saw the ambulance come Tues for me.

I'm thinking some laugher too is good medicine. Trying to watch funny stuff on tv & reading my joke emails etc. I'm sure Mr. Clooney could get me smiling! ;-)

I was told not to lay around...well usually that is not something you have to tell me...I'm the exact opposite except when on the computer but it is really hard because when I walk I hurt & I don't want to make it worse or get in that excruciating pain again. My mom told me she had surgery on her L5 at about my age...ugh...she said, "You know we don't have to take after each other that much" HA!

I'm so frustrated. I had all my grading done for Tues' class & was so excited to give it to them. Wed my classes were going to see "An Inconvenient Truth" and I wanted to be there. We have 1 more week of classes & then finals week. Lovely! And it seems the last few springs I can't finish the term without something happening. What kind of screwed up cosmic timing do I have. I hate being sick and not able to do what I need to do. I mean, heck, there are better things to lay around in bed for! HA! Ya, I'm not in pain sitting here right now if you can tell! HA! Once I start walking that is another thing. And my microwave Cherry Pit bags are nice & toasty behind my back.  

Well I'm not sure what this is going to take & how this is going to play out. Trying to think positive of course. You know that saying that says, "God doesn't give us anything we can't handle...I just wish he didn't think I could handle so much" Boy, do I agree with that. But then again, I think back to the first ER & before I left one of my past students was in there, I believe two people they knew died. They were just a mess, understandably so, but it made me realize I'm still in good shape you know. I haven't found out what to read the paper.

Well, if I don't post at times you'll know why now. I'll be back & update you when I can. Some days may be ok & others may not. I also am trying to read alerts as they are cheering me up & giving me something else to think about rather than my frustration. Thanks! 


luddie343 said...

You're being very brave and positive about this, GFY!  It's common to have a confirming 2nd MRI. That pain in your right leg might be pressure on your sciatic nerve, that's temporary.  Sometimes with the right meds, the inflammation recedes naturally.  But as for the h. discs only your Doc can decide about the operation.  When the lumbar section of the spine is invlved like yours, pain takes on a new meaning - brava for handling this so well!  And what perfect Rx (Clooney) now there's a cure!  Here's a little mantra:  Heat helps muscle pain, cold numbs nerve pain.  Hoping for the best, keeping you in prayer, xoxo CATHY    

helmswondermom said...

I'm so sorry you are going to have to have surgery and that you are in such pain right now.  I hope you can manage the pain without too many painkillers for a while.  Take care!

princesssaurora said...

The dose pack (medrol - methylprednisone) will help, probably a lot.  However, you may need to be on a maintenance dose of steroids daily to get you thru it, until surgery.  No, I don't think much else will help, other than possibly a really good chiropractor.  Sometimes they can get those vertebrae realigned, and sometimes they can't.  

{{{{ hugs and love }}}}  I am sending you lots and lots of prayers!

be well,

rdautumnsage said...

Yii !! I know what kind of pain your going through dear one. I have a disk around the same area that literally had a section chip off. (You can only get beat up so many times before something like this is bound to happen.) The thing is this section floats in my lower back near my spinal nerve. Once in a while it finds it's way to wedging and causing major pain. Other times it's free and nothing to it. One of these days yes, surgery will be my only option. But seeing as it's not a constant thing. I tend to put it off. Keeping you in my prayers on the smoke. Taking a warm bath and soaking tends to help. It alleviates the weight off your hips enough to relax. Most times laying flat will cause you more pain. ((Hugs)) Indigo

shadierush said...

My daughter fell out of the back of a simi truck, don't ask, and herniated two lower disks. She got better with just Physical Therapy, no surgery. But she was only 19 at the time and still in good shape physically.

princesssaurora said...

Still sending you prayers... and if you find docs that hot, I hope you share with me!


be well,