Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Here's To the Crazy Ones!

I was working on ads/commercials for my students Persuasion chapter & searching through all the "Think Different" Ads by Mac I came across this one & I LOVE IT! I'm going to buy it & put it up in my office! :-) Where is that person who says I think too much? I just love this & can't wait to share with my students! This is my problem I get so inspired then I get so absorbed working on it & time just goes right by & I'm tired & I have to go to bed and it will be horrible to go to sleep without finishing my train of thought & stop the energy. Ugh! Maybe it will go into my dreams? This morning I had this dream of all these pretty colored flowers where in hanging pots, hanging from the bottom of the deck from upstairs. Not just the edges but the whole bottom...all above my head all these spring colors. I think I can't wait to garden! :-)

It is going Boom Boom here now! I love thunder...well except the ones that rattle everything & feels like it hit the ground near me. That is when I wish I had a nice broad strong chest to sink myself into! HA!



rdautumnsage said...

Way Too Go Hon!! I love this too. It actually says it all, I would rather be abnormal and not fit the box of preconceptions people would expect from me. I believe I'm with you on wanting to garden. I'm actually getting impatient, which is never a good thing. I most surely don't want to kill any plants before they are ready to arrive. (Hugs) Indigo

chat2missie said...

Loved your entry!  Here's to the crazy ones! LOL

princesssaurora said...

It is a great ad... my son with Asperger's particularly loves it!!

be well,

swibirun said...

Nah, you'd look silly with a nice broad mean....never mind :)

I love violent weather too (but nothing lifethreatening, of course), especially early in the morning, when you can just pull the covers up and enjoy it.

Have a great weekend!