Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you have a lovely day today. I'm heading up north this afternoon to spend the day with my cousins & my sis. This is the first year my family is really not all together & having our traditional brunch. I'm trying to think positive in that it is a new experience & may bring new, though different memories.

It is also difficult because my nieces are not here. Easter is just so much more fun with children around, though my cousin has a 2 yr old so that will be fun. I got her a little pink bunny that sings "Jesus loves me" song & a big purple ball...hoping spring will actually show its face soon. I also found an awesome pot full of cool yellow tulips..bit curly. I'm hoping she can plant them later & then have them each year as a reminder. I miss my mom this past weekend. She always makes Easter fun with jelly beans & foiled covered chocolate eggs & even at our ages she would get us a chocolate bunny, always searching for a white one for me!  This year I'd rather she just send some warm weather from AZ! HA!

Oh & I can't forget my Peeps! I'm hoping my cousin has some so I can have just one. But my cousin said they are making her grandma's pound cake with her famous frosting. We would always get it on their is sooooo mouth watering. Just a piece but it will be my Easter treat this year.

Last Thurs my cousins & I visited our traditional 7 churches after mass & my uncle was telling me of this Grinch of a Dad who complained in a mall that the Easter Bunny they had was horrible & that were not going to stay & when one of his kids about 6 yrs old asked if someone was in the bunny he said "Yep, it is just a guy in a suit!" Ugh!  People like this should not be allowed to be parents! HA! Yesterday, when I went to get my basket blessed, didn't want to give up that tradition, the church doors were all closed.  Ugh! Finally, someone let us in. Some guy came with a basket of 4 bottles of wine & he was swearing like crazy that the doors were closed...somehow I think you are missing the point.

I love this pix! HA! I have seen so many bunnies outside careful! One poor bunny was pacing along the street near two dead ones. My heart was aching thinking he is saying "Mom?  Dad?" Ugh!

Last night I went to mass figuring I wouldn't have to get up early then. I went locally for the first time. OMG...I forgot about the baptisms etc. 2 hrs long. They had them in pools & were pouring pictures of water over them. Then first communions & confirmation & they laid hands on was nice but my poor back was having trouble.

Well I hope you all have a sweet day today full of family & love. Fill you in later.


chat2missie said...

Happy Easter to you as well!

rdautumnsage said...

It makes me angry how horrible some parents can be, such as the father commenting on the Easter bunny in the mall.  Your right the holiday is so much more fun with little ones. Mine daughter is 19 and at her families on her dads side. So I'll celebrate with her later this week. It sounds as if you have a wonderful holiday going on for you today! Wishing you love and peace! (Hugs) Indigo

princesssaurora said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful Easter weekend!

Hope you get some goodies too!

be well,