Sunday, December 10, 2006

Really, I swear I'm still alive!

I know, I know but I'm really busy with work! I'm currently getting ready my last final exam & my cousin sent me this & it just made me laugh & I thought it was a quick one I could share with you.

What gets longer when pulled. Fits between your tits. Inserts neatly in a
hole & works best when jerked?

You all have dirty minds don't you! On Santa's Naughty list like me huh! HA!

It is a Seatbelt...ha!

I know I will never look at doing that behavior the same again! HA! Leave it to the guys to think of a sweet innocent behavior like that! Thank God for Guys! HA!    

Ok, well after Noon Friday I am done so then I promise I will be back. Then it will just be clean & get ready for the holidays & I'll want to relax in the evening by playing on here! Have a great week! Wish me luck...and no STRESS! UGH! Got any good jokes email them to me...I'll need them next week!

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