Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This is Getting VERY OLD!

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know the reason I have not been posting is because last Friday I went to get down to sit on the floor & I think I wripped my foot muscle again...bad!  I've been just trying to survive getting through Christmas. I didn't call my doc, I mean it was Christmas Weekend & I really didn't think he'd come in for me & then if he did I'd have to get ready with a cast so...only problem is making it worse without so??? I did get to sit on Christmas Eve & Christmas & rest it more. Today I found out Dr. Z. doesn't come back until tomorrow so I rested until noon & then headed to see "The Pursuit of Happyness" which was a bit slow but still good. So that was 2 hrs of not walking. Then I went for a pedicure (& manicure) figuring if I had to go in a cast I might as well get my foot in good shape. I also thought I'd try to relax & perk up my spirits with some fun...got green glitter polish for my toes & red glitter for my fingers!   

Afterwards I walked just a tad in the mall because there wasn't much time & I couldn't walk too much. I think it was just the thought that I may not be able to for a long time after today that made me want to a bit. Bought some really THICK socks. I can't find too many. My toes will be cold & my feet are a bit anyways. Then I went to Ruby's & ordered a Pina Colada (they have the best!). I figured why not that rather than Vicodin! HA! Vicodin just knocks me out & does nothing for the pain anyways. Had my Caroline Chicken Salad...yum.

I'm really trying hard to not let this get to me. I mean when it happened, I knew right as I was going down & couldn't stop mid motion. Once it was I just figured it is done, nothing I can do now. It wasn't like I did the wrong thing. I picked up my other foot & went that way because my knee was bothering me. I think it is that fall a few weeks ago that made it weak so it couldn't handle the flexing of the foot. I had just seen Dr. Z. the day before & he checked it out & when it seemed ok he said I was Very Lucky usually they cast for a tear of that muscle...which he said was not the muscle they repaired so...I'll have to tell him he jinxed me! Ugh! 24 hours later it goes! It is big, hard, numb & burning. Ugh! Well, hopefully they can take me tomorrow. Just not a great ending to the 2006 & certainly not a great start for 2007. Not how I was thinking the New Year would be! I thought I got away with it being not so bad this year as the previous but now it is worse this year than the previous with 2 set backs.

Well, as soon as I know something I'll let you know & then quite frankly if I'm in a cast, I'll probably be back posting a lot since I'll have to be sitting so much again! Ugh!


rebuketheworld said...

Deb, ouch and sosooooooo sorry...total bummer...just when you went through that recovery....well..I hope you can get enough rest before you have to teach again.....Isnt life surprising?...things that happen..especially during the holidays...hope your feeling better..

Merry Christmas and hoping next year rocks for you!


chat2missie said...

We sure do have the same feet!  Take care of that foot!

helmswondermom said...

I'm so sorry!  Hope it is less painful now and that a cast won't be necessary.  I've been away from journaling for a while myself, so I am doing a lot of catching up.  Hope your foot isn't as bad as you fear.