Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Doc...UGH!

Ok, saw my Mom & sis's doc for my knee today. He listened & x-rayed & says...
"Ah did that lateral release work out on your left knee long time ago? Any problems since then?"
This is where they just, if I remember right, cut the ligament on the outside of the knee so the knee cap goes more in line with the hips. Maybe that is why I am having SI & hip problems??? You just can't win! I remember my old PT guy once telling me a guy had back trouble for 10 yrs...they fixed his knee & no back trouble. I wish they were all more wholistic!
Well, he says what I am describing is to the tee of needing that but he says we will try PT first, then shot, then last surgery. Ugh!
He agreed probably vicious cycle with my foot. Said those boots are horrible on the back & then my other leg took over so it got more load & wear & tear. He seemed pretty nice.
He said it could be masking something else...showed me a bit of loss of space on the one side my knee hurts & it is popping & said there is a thick line beginning which might indicate meniscus (SP) problem but no where near my mom's knees. Good, considering I'm a lot younger! Now this is my "good knee" ugh! I guess it just switched! My other one really has been pretty good since my surgery in college.
Said it seems the whole bursur is inflamed down my leg even, so Motrin & PT for now when my PT guy gets back from his Mecca trip. 1 mo of PT & then if I have progress ok, if not then next step. I know losing weight will help so that is of course on my list as well. Hard to do when you are in pain though...just not fair! It isn't really hurting like it was before thanksgiving those 2 days when I couldn't straighten it. He pushed on the side & down the leg & that was pretty bad so must take that extra push. Now I'll have to heat it & always end up hurting more when you get out. "Does this hurt?" "Well, it didn't until you did that!" Ha! Or put your leg this way for the x-ray. If I could I wouldn't be here! HA!

Now this is on top of my labs results the other day. My sugar is back in normal range (ok, high normal but heck it is normal!) but my iron store is horrible. Hemoglobin in normal but my store was like 9 & it should be 46 so I have to take 2 iron pills a day. My cholesterol was the worst it has ever been in my life. 232! The highest I had in the past was like 203 & when I was on Atkins it was like 170s. LDL was great but my HDL went up from 110 to 170 since June! Dang, what am I eating different? I really think it is the lack of exercise due to my foot but we'll be working on that let me tell you. She says 6 mo & she'll consider putting me on meds & I don't want that so...I am making a conscious control decision...I don't care about family & friends who start to say I'm selfish...yep, I won't mention names & I hope it was just out of being upset if not they have a problem but I am going to be taking care of myself! It is high time after doing for others for so long. I don't get that...if they had to do these things they would not think they were being selfish and just caring about themselves. If I don't care of myself how can I be there when they need me so....Maybe they are just not on the same point on this path that I am & they will realize later.
Well back to grading. Can't wait until 12:01pm Fri! HA!

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