Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm FREE!!!!

Ya, right! HA! I know...but grades are in & I am FREE! Woo Hoo! (No comment on Easy!)

Well.....Now I just can't decide what to do first since I have SOOOOOOO much to do! HA! Just keep repeating "Hakuna Matata!" HA! What do you think..."Hakuna Matata Clubs"  Well, they have that red hat ladies one so....Somehow I'm not sure it would work! HA! They should have bumper stickers with people don't road rage....hey...that was my idea...don't anyone go make a mint....I gotta contact Disney! HA! I think I'll print this pix out & tape it in my back window! HA! Maybe on my door for my students!  


chat2missie said...

Good for you!  Enjoy your time off.

shadierush said...

Print me up one too!