Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Yipee...No School!

Now let me just say, "I love helping my students learn any chance I can get" ...there I said it! Now.....

YIPEE!!!!! Happy Dance! My school is closed due to the bad storms we had last night! :-)

Apparently 320,000 people are out of electricity in the state! I am fine (obviously!) I was online when my campus servers went down because I was trying to enter grades. Tried to phone campus nothing! I didn't get up early to listen to the radio so I check online.

Now mind you I only had 1 class to teach today but that is still good  because now I can relax & go run some errands & head up to my folks. Mom is going to teach me how to make her beef stew. First, I have had it in like God more than 10 yrs probably. She really stopped cooking like that since us kids have been gone & too much to make for just dad & her. I don't have some of her recipes & I keep asking. Dad seems excited I'm coming to do that...think he might want some..ha! I want her Chili recipe too. Oh & her Chop Suey! :-) I got a slow cooker last Christmas from my bro...or was that the Christmas before? I've only used it once so far...ugh. Anyone has any good recipes for it I'd love them!

My folks are leaving for AZ for the winter in like 2 more weeks because it has been so cold here so early. My parents....last night my mom tells me my dad killed a rattle snake last year at their place! I'm like WHAT???!!!!! With a shovel! I'm like why is he killing it? She says, "Well, it was too close to his foot not too." WHAT!!!!!! I'm thinking maybe it wasn't a rattler...you know...I asked if its head was up ready to attack him & how did he get to kill him before he attacked him then. She said he was just laying there between the bush & him. They were cutting the bush down. Said his head was not up...he was "dopey" she says. I'm like ya, I'm sure you have snakes on drugs mom. So I asked how she knew it was a rattler for sure & she says, well it is a pretty distinctive rattler on the end of the tail...ARRRRGGGHHH! My dad the rattle snake killer? Ugh! Then she reminds me that her dad killed snakes with his hands! I didn't know that but I certainly knew he killed mice that way. I hated it when he did that. When Dusty would catch them at my folks house (they lived on 1 1/3 acres of woods!) I would have to get them away from Dusty (he just played with them until they died & didn't eat them) and scooped them up between 2 bowls & then threw them outside. I know they probably came back in but heck, maybe they learned their lesson "not this house" and had a story to tell all their family about "surviving the Big Bad Cat" can you imagine the fish story they could tell! HA! Did I ever tell you about the Raccoon in the house that Dusty saved us from? Another entry I guess!

Well I'm going to take a nice relaxing shower (I need a place with a big tub!!!) and just enjoy my lovely day. Tell you later about any damage I see when I go out. Probably be late tonight when I get back but I'll get online! Have a great day!  


jadejonez04 said...

Enjoy your day and time with your parents, now I am hungry!! LOL  HUGS

helmswondermom said...

Hope you've enjoyed your day off!  My father-in-law was bitten by a rattlesnake when he was a teenager!  You may just have to share your mom's beef stew recipe.  For some slow cooker recipes check out Life's Little Challenges.  We've been sharing recipes lately!

springangel235 said...

That beef stew will be good I bet....have a wonderful week...hugs,

chat2missie said...

Hurray for you having a day off but it's a shame it's because of bad storms.  Hope no one got hurt.  My aunt and uncle go to Arizona every winter also.  Have a nice evening.

rebuketheworld said...

Deb, your sooo funny,,,I cant believe your dad took out a rattler snake like it was no biggee...wow...freak me out..the story about your grandfather using his hands to kill mice?..oh my,,,lol...help....but I imagine this is common...I'm like on the chair screaming.....glad to hear you get to hang out at home and get some rest...how cool to learn your moms recipe...I wish I would have hung out in the kitchen when I was younger,,,I can only cook a few things...hot chilli...yummy,,,just need a fireplace, a good book and no men around...lol..that stuff does me in for days..........-Raven