Monday, October 23, 2006

Definitely a "Trick or Treat!" HA!

Yep, my bathroom fire alarm battery is going for about oh 2 weeks now! Ha! I have the battery just have to get it in. Anyone want to do it for me? See, it times like this I could use a nice brawny guy around! HA! Perferable in short cut offs & no shirt! ;-) Man....I'm in a interesting mood! HA!

Ok, someone emailed me Dolly Parton's "PMS Blues" song today & I thought it was hilarious! HA! No, I don't think he sent it for a reason but....ha! Now, somehow I'm thinking that most guys would take the "Trick" of PMS Blues from Dolly for the later "Treat"! HA! No, I didn't insert the picture so you can enlarge it...I didn't want you guys drooling all over your computers! HA! I can just hear them say "I'll go Trick or Treating with her!" HA! Yes, ladies if you email me I'll send it to you large so you can use it as a dart board! Ha! Just kidding! I know it is probably "such a curse" for Dolly to look like that! HA! Well, enjoy the song!


rebuketheworld said...

Dolly Parton sang this one song about a little girl...she was murdered in the makes me cry everytime I hear it....-Raven

chat2missie said...

I can never reach our fire alarms.  I always have to wait for Kevin to do it.  I've never listened to Dolly Parton.  Can you believe that?  Have a good day.