Friday, October 6, 2006

Wknd Asgn 132: Cell Phones

Oh think a college professor isn't going to respond to this Homework Asgn? HA!

John wants us to respond about the professor's behavior in this video & the cell phone issue in class. Check out the cartoons too...some great ones for Remo! :-)

In my classes I ask my students to put their phones on vibrate. Of course I warn them on this too because if they have this in their pocket & then scream from the vibrate, we really haven't accomplished much. As one who has screamed herself when she got vibrated (man I have to reword that don't I...oh boy!) I have had my cell phone go off in class while teaching actually! Ya, I gave my students a "free pass" on their's going off then. Now I will say it does not happen too often in my classes. After someone's phone goes off loudly with some "interesting song" they feel a bit embarrassed. What do you have as your ring tone? I have Edna from the Incredibles right now. In tha past I'd have Christmas in the summer & Take Me Out to the Ball Game at Christmas. Hey, it isn't definitely know it is yours then! HA! I wanted this one that said Santa is calling but it wouldn't load right. Can you imagine the kids that hear it! HA! I have to try this Christmas. I'm ordering my MDA tomorrow! I'm sooo excited.

Even at major conferences there is typically an announcement to turn off cell phones. See we are just as bad. Everyone usually appaulds the announcement. I will say I do like having them in today's world. You never know when you may need it. We just finally got phones in our smart classroom but in other rooms if we had an emergency, especially at night it would be hard without a cell phone to get quick care. I know some professors who confiscate the phone for the term! I don't think that is legal actually but???

Now as to this professor's behavior....It was totally against what EDUCATION is all about! He should be disciplined in my opinion! There was no reason to do this. He has no idea if this is someone calling about a family member ill or a child kidnapped ETC! I'd be suing if I was the student. Seriously! That professor should also apologize to all the students. The professor certainly has an anger management problem. What would be next. I agree with some comments it was not wise. You never know if that would have escalated not to mention turn up on the web & be oh such a great highlight for a resume! You know all you have to do if it becomes a problem is ask students at the beginning of class to all turn them off. Of course you get the student who comes in late but...generally speaking when you treat them like adults they will act like adults. I don't mind if they step out to talk for a bit. I have even had to have mine on when I had a family member who was ill and dying etc. You know it makes me wonder what this guy does at home when he is pissed at the dog or a wife & kids? I certainly would not want to go out with him. |

Someone said it would not be real...why not? Students have video cameras on phones! Perfectly possible. We also have cameras in our hallways now. Some do have them in the lecture halls for cheating during exams! Also there are professors out there that do lash out quite a bit! It is just amazing the stories I could tell you!

I really do not like when people have loud personal conversations. I will answer for them. If I'm in the grocery store & they are talking loud etc when I'm next to them I'll join the converation! HA! I love it! It is fun! I embarrassed one guy one time when we were having dinner. Some teens came out of the restaurant talking across the parking lot & I responded. I tell you he just doesn't know how to have fun! ;-) I couldn't believe he was embarrassed considering I think he is not the most conservative straight laced guy...HA! Me with a prime & proper dude...yuck! Then again have I talked in the store etc...sometimes but usually about buying something I'll call & ask a size. I don't talk long on a cell phone while out to dinner with someone else etc.

Hey...did anyone catch the Ellen show last week where she was answering all her audience's cell phones? Matthew Perry was too! Ha!

Extra Credit:

Well, a few of us seem to get my mom when she is in the bathroom while out shopping. Of course the odds are quite good...ha! That woman can have a whole conversation in the bathroom. She is the most open person I know! If you met her within 5 min you'd be hearing about the latest in our family! HA!

Oh...I did just think of something...that same guy above, I got very frustrated with him one day & was driving & was expressing my frustration. Not a good thing to do in general & certainly not with him. I'm not good expressing myself when I'm hurt. It is like all my circuits get frazzles when I'm personally hurt. Only people I care about deeply can hurt me like that. That was not a good day. I regret it soooo much. I don't even remember what I said.....just passion from hurting & being frustrated with the situation & my feelings. It was the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. He was the last person I wanted to behave that way with. I would have rather got together & talked it out but that was not an option. I figured some of it out later...he was the most indirect man I have ever met in my life!!! I'm still figuring things out. You see I'm very direct. :-) I tell people how I feel...well if I'm hurt & frustrated I USUALLY walk away & want to be alone and then talk later when I figure out my feelings. Except in this case apparently UGH! I think I never dealt with someone like that before & didn't know what to do...out of my element. I wish he just said what he felt or asked me directly. Ugh! Oh well, just have to believe things happen for a reason & a purpose or that if they didn't they evetually will. Well, there may be a bit that I didn't say directly either so I can't blame him completely, but he stopped me from saying what I wanted so....I'm still not sure I figured out everything. I think there were things I was suppose to respond to & I didn't? Ok, enough of that! Driving me crazy. Can't do too much about it now anyway. Oh just thought also, some professors answer the students phone & say sorry they can't talk! :-) I don't think that is great either!  


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Wow...I would say that guy has an anger problem...that would really make me mad!!!  I doubt I would be in that class and i think I would take him to small claims court and get my money back and the trama he caused me...I bet if he did that to my phone it would be the last phone he did that too unless it were his wife, his kids or his own!  have a great weekend, TerryAnn

rebuketheworld said...

Deb, your just an original all around....a guy will find that outspoke, tell it like it is, talk to the stranger in the store and will find you know all of this...but that guy sounded like he didnt have a sense of humor or adventure...good riddens to the dull men out there...

helmswondermom said...

My cell phone ring is Wish You Were Here.

rap4143 said...

Yesterday I was on my cell phone (a cousin wanted to know how my husband was feeling after what we thought was a heart attack, thankfully he is fine) walking inside to a  pharmacy to have a presciption refilled for my husband.  I notice a sign to turn off my cell phone in the pharmacy ....I have no clue why.


chat2missie said...

Since my household only has cell phones, I seem to always be on one.  My phone rings the most when I'm in the bathroom, and your right, I can hold a full conversation while in there! LOL.  That professor should not have thrown that phone.  Your right, it could have been an emergency.  His behavior shocked me for sure.