Saturday, October 7, 2006

Cool Letter

Got this from John & wanted to share it all with you. It is a really cool letter from a Marine going around!

I love the "Kiss a Cop" line! ;-) Do you think they would actually form a line! HA! I'm thinking of those Kissing Booths! HA! I'm sorry my brain is also sick...well more than usual with this cold...though  is that a good thing? Ha! Takes a lot to knock my dirty brain down! HA! So far it is working just fine! ;-)

It is really amazing how we have no clue what they all do just like the Marine mentions! We just "don't get it" & very true how those who do the most get paid the least most of the time! Incredible! I know many of them do it for a more intrinsic reason, but still it would be nice to show how appreciative we are. Perhaps that is it...we don't know all they do & if we really did then we'd be more appreciative. Well do something, just send some goodies to your local department from some Bakery or something. Ya, I know that is not great all the send a fruit basket or something. Maybe something you do? You can provide some free service...where are all those massage therapists, I'm sure they can use a free one once in a while! ;-) Just once a month or couple times a year even. Maybe a local classroom can adopt a shift of officers, send letters etc. Maybe I should start offering free Tai Chi & Meditation? Hmmm? We have one officer that comes once in a while.

All I have to say is when these guys finally all do come home we better have the Biggest Celebration FOR them! We should start the planning now! Drape Lady Liberty with Red, White & Blue Streamers & a big Sparkler! Ha!

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rebuketheworld said...

are you kidding...I'm going with you...they can all line up..cops,,fireman...I would gladly donate slober moments...besides I'm single...and havent been kissed in could help me wait longer if need be,,,lol