Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My New Toy & Random Neuron Firing!

Ugh...3 hours of sleep last night! Had to get up early for our all day In-Service meetings...ICK! I'm still not good in the mornings! Getting better until that cold hit me a few weeks ago & screwed up my hours again. Falling Back soon will definitely help me! ;-) I did finally order my upgrade! :-) I am goingto try the MDA. It should arrive Fri morning. I'm so excited! I was going to get Verizon's Q & they had an educational discount on it & services but then the internet package was so much cheaper with T-Mobile since I was just upgrading. We'll see...I have 14 days so...

You know it really bugs me that people make assumptions. Why don't they go to the source & ask & find out. People just think they know someone or what they do & they really do not investigate. They just listen to gossip. I mean it is so logical...obviously there is gossip or assumptions about yourself that is not true so why wouldn't you assume gossip or assumptions about another may not be true. We look at a person & just download the whole list of characteristics. It just amazes me how much people really do this! I don't know if I just never saw it before or as much or if it is getting worse. Maybe I never payed attention to it before.

Ok, ok, I'm not saying I never do it myself! I can think of a certain gentleman in college that I thought was a complete jerk (probably some stronger word used then!) because he was to me the first time I met him...but so I was young & stupid then! HA! Well, later he was nicer & I did say maybe he isn't so bad but he never did anything more about it so...Anyways it has been irritating me more lately that people do not take the time to find out & they miss out on so much in life. The tendency to just see the negative in people rather than the strengths. And you know there is something even more...when people see another not doing well why do we just say they are a jerk & not be empathic & say I wonder what is bothering them or why they are like this, either at the moment or overall? Maybe their home life is "unacceptable" (remember Breakfast Club?).

Can you see why I'm in psych now! HA! Yep, I was like this when I was a kid! Must have drove my parents crazy...not Why is the sky blue? but why do parents call their kids names? Probably why I always sat at the adult table at family parties rather than the kiddie table! HA!

You will have to excuse my jumping to topics as my lack of sleep has my brain firing strange. I was watching "Little Giants" with Rick Moranis just a bit ago. Did I tell  you I got to talk to him last spring? Yep! He called me when I requested to use his Agoraphobic Cowboy song for my class & a conference. We had a lovely 30 min conversation. Great guy. Then later we discussed ideas for a video! :-) Well, I'm watching Little Giants & I know it is a bit dated but you know he is just adorable! Yes, I like the goofiness that guys can have. When they can make me laugh so much I'm in tears they got me! ;-)

Man this brain is really going...I have to go to bed! Can't keep my eyes open! More tomorrow!

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