Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yes, I Have Had My Head Examimed! :-)

Well haven't been to bed yet! Hours all screwed up since I slept from 2-7:30 yesterday...ugh...I hate being sick! Seems to be all throat/chest now. Going to call the doc today & see what they think. Everyone is emailing me telling me by them everyone is sick at work etc. Something going around that is for sure. At least I don't feel alone.

I did watch Dr. Zhivago though...ha! I haven't seen that since I was young...if I did, I don't even remember. John Cusaks character loves the movie in Must Love Dogs, so I thought I'd watch it. For those who saw Must Love Dogs, did that ditzy blonde girl bug you as much as she irritated me. OMG! Like nails on a blackboard to me.

Well, I told you I would post about cracking my right sinus bone. I use this example for my A&P discussion in class. It was end of my 8th grade year. Now this is the end of the 70s when Roller Rinks were big then. I couldn't do figure skating for ice skates due to a bad knee already so I did Roller Skating lessons like ice skating. I still was not that great, but it was something to do & Fri & Sat I would be able to go out with my friends & have a great time.

The owner of the rink closed the rink to the regulars for a graduation party for 8th grade & HS. We made our own food, picked out our own music & generally had the run of the place. She stayed in the office with the Dobermans. Last thing I remember was picking out music. Then a flash of light "Ladies Dance" which must have been the board on the wall. Next thing I hear my friends laughing & I can't seem to open up my eyes. I had to use my fingers to open my eyes. I couldn't talk either. Now my friends are clueless apparently to the extent of this. What do you want from a bunch of 13 & 14 yr old hormonal girls! HA! I have no thought to why I can't open up my eyes etc yet.  When I opened my eyes I see what they are laughing about. They are immitating me how I feel apparently. Well, they got the cake out & I remember I walked ok to that...don't remember if I had my skates on still...I tend to think ya, so that is ok. I remember I only at the

It was only when I got to the bathroom & was coming out & noticed in the corner of my eye my face in the mirror. I then stopped & really looked. Then I went & layed down & it was then the owner came out to make sure we were getting ready to leave. She sees me & says OMG do you want me to call an ambulance. I say, "No, my friends mom will be here to pick us up in 10 min." I still am clueless. I don't remember my friends mom being excited or asking anything. My dad nearly had a heart attack when I walked in the door. He excitedly asked me what happened. I said I didn't know. I didn't! He said, "What do you mean you don't know, you look like you have been hit with a baseball bat!" I told him to go ask my friend.

Now you'd think if my dad made that comment he would have taken me to the ER! Nope, doctors & dentists are pathetic. He told my mom "I was fine!" Right! She kept waking me up every hour to make sure. Now my mom just told me last year that my speech was slurred when I came home also! I totally do not remember that. I remember waking up about 3am & sitting up in bed & thinking "Its all over" and like I had clear consciousness then. Well my eye closed shut & swelled out to the tip of my nose. Thank God this was after graduation!

Now after returning to the rink everyone got to see how bad I was & explained to me what happened. You know how Nascar has wind drafts when you are behind, well we use to skate close behind another & I was behind my friend. She saw the guy in front of her turn around because someone had fallen & when she moved I apparently didn't expect that & his head went into my eye. The force of my eye going back made my cheek bone crack. I hit the wall with my head & knocked out! Oh I remembered blone hair too & found out that was one particular tall guy who got me off the fall.

Missed my All Star Softball game though. So did my co-captain...blew out her knee on the last game. We were quite a pair. Looked like we both went all out for the team. I had the most home runs in the league that year. I use to hit them out to the parking lot. This is 16 inch btw. Someone beat me with grandslams by one. Still remember who & saw her like 5 yrs ago & thought "She's the one!" HA!

After a few days of getting worse and nose bleeds my dad takes me to his oral surgeon friend to do a panaramic of my face. Ya! OMG! Finds the crack in my cheek bone. I thought they took me to an ER but they didn't. It is amazing! They are so lucky...ya me too. I try to blame my math problems on this accident but I don't think that will work. When I started Volleyball practice in the fall I was still having trouble so I went in to get xrays then & they found I believe some cracks in my inner ear & more bruising of th brain...I think they said triple concussion. Now this is a few months later. I wish I could even find a report but they get rid of records. Only know is stuff on computers. This is over 20 yrs ago so....

I remember the whole summer vegging watching the Cubs & falling asleep to Harry Cary's voice. I also remember my mom tricking me to go to the store because she knew the local Boy Scouts were doing car washes. The troop mother and my mom were friends & I liked her son & my mom knew he would be there. I think my mom needed her head examined! Ya, mom, my face looks like I got hit with a baseball bat, what is it you think he is going to find attractive? UGH! Who knows, maybe she didn't like him & did it purposely hoping he would leave me alone at 14? Well he was a few years older & I looked much older. Man, I'm going to ask her that tomorrow! He was a nice guy & he made me laugh...ok so it helped he was a great kisser too! ;-)

Well, I do have a great neurologist for migraines & more recently muscle tension headaches & they did a MRI & MRA about a year ago & said my brain was COMPLETELY NORMAL! HA! I asked for that in writing for my friends & relatives! And no, they didn't say I think too much!!!!  My eye sight was a tad worse in that eye for quite a while but now age has them caught up. My vision isn't really that bad though.

Well, I'm starting to yawn, so I better try to get some sleep to fight this cold. Later!


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

OMG!!! How awful!!!  Hope all is well now!!  It was all I could do but keep holding my face...just the thought!! Have a great rest of the week...and get some chicken noodle soup and some rest!  Hugs,TerryAnn

helmswondermom said...

My hours are screwed up, too!  I was cringing as I read about your injury.  How in the world were you not taken to the ER?  I'm glad you didn't suffer any more damage than you did.  And at least you do know that you have a working brain -- that's always a good thing!

rebuketheworld said...

OUch OUCH OUCh.....you probably felt like you were in a limbo state...after the injury....I did the roller skating thing too...the magic of low lights...70's music...funny how you feel like your in love on the first dance..lol....I used to love to go skating....I wasnt that good either..but I didnt fall much...I skated like a microscope....I did finally learn how to back skate and couple skate becuase this old guy..I mean old in his sixties taught me....he was really nice and would skate with all of us...he wasnt a molestor thank goodness...I wish I could go back and live one day like that....Hope your feeling better Deb---Raven