Sunday, September 3, 2006

He/She is soooo Annoying Now!

NOTE: Sorry I clicked post before getting pix in & then I thought of some more so try reading the end again if you read this already!!!

Ok, I have to share a posting or rather series of posting with all of you because it goes along with what I've been posting about lately. Take a look at RebuketheWorld. Interesting postings on dating and love etc.

Here is my reply:

Very interesting & on topic with what I've been posting lately...take a look.

I think the other main problem is that people are looking for Mr./Ms. Perfect & the problem is there is no such thing. Sure we have to see the whole picture & put into context but in what context is the important key. Are these behaviors just annoying? Why are they annoying? Are they harming me. If he doesn't squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom will that hurt me? Does it hurt him? We get caught up in letting things stress us & think there is someone else better (certainly not talking about abusive relationships here...yes get out) but everyone has "flaws" or things WE consider flaws & we forget we have just as annoying or worse even behaviors to others. The idea is to add up the "flaws we see" with the positive behaviors. When we focus just on "flaws" we forget why & what we loved about them. People can wait their whole life for "something better around the corner" (in The Lake House even) and that doesn't mean you have to settle for less but you can't hold out for love of a perfect person either!!!

Also....we have to remember what one findz annoying another may love. Remember in Pride & Prejudice the cousin that is sooo annoying does find the friend of Elizabeth to marry. She likes him. Actually, I can think back to a few people that had some expressions that at the time I found annoying but I just love them now & fondly remember them for it. You know someone does love a person who would be like Fran Drescher's Nanny or Karen on Will & Grace...or even this lovely character Chris Farley did! HA! Isn't this world great! Remember HITCH? I love that guy...he was soooo adorable!

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