Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Metaphor for Life?

Ok, John has a good one you have to check out! I'm too tired to link it directly to my journal so just click here. This is just too cool. Could be a Metaphor for Life if you think about it! HA! No....me think! Think about some of the specific complicated, bursting parts, how one domino makes others fall in many different directions etc...seee!!!

Ok, so it could be just some college student or Frat who has too much time on their hands! See this is why professors give you homework! Dang...I miss college now! Ha!

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rebuketheworld said...

OHHHHHHHMMMYYYYY.....High IQ's is why people do this. As I wrote at Johns site, when your a genuis, you get disenchanted with stupid people. Dominos displays area their coping skill,lol.