Monday, September 18, 2006

A Superman in the Making

Check out this ad for TJ Maxx! There is an adorable little blonde boy in a Superman costume! He is just sooooo cute! Boy are the little girls lucky to have a Superman like him! :-) And to think what kind of Superman he may grow up to be! Oh I know he could equally grow up to be some troubled soul, but somehow I just can't believe that! ;-) He also has that little devilish look! :-) Gotta have a little bit of that.

So anyone going to have some Halloween fun? Whatcha going to do? Costume?


chat2missie said...

That little boy is so darn cute.  My family isn't doing anything for Halloween.  I'll just be at home for the nighborhood kids to hand out candy.

lurkynat said...

my kids will have fun at various events
my daughter wants to eb an airfreshener leaf
and her boy friend wants to be Joda!