Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Upside of Birthdays!

Well, there are a few lovely things about birthdays! :-) PRESENTS! I got this shirt! What do you think? Does it look FUN! :-) Got some brown pants & a brown jacket (Yes there is brown in the shirt!) & PERFECT earings for 99 cents!! HA! I'm just so excited. Can you tell! Well, it helps...never been great with getting older so gotta have something good about getting older.

The other thing about my birthday coming around is that spring is around the bend! Well technically it is only a few days after but Mother Nature does not listen to some calendar date but I have Spring Fever! I just can't wait! I also can wait for Spring Break! Two more weeks left GEEZ! We don't have it near midterm but rather near Easter & with Easter being so late we are going to be in such desperate need for it by the time it comes! I say "we" meaning students & faculty! Ha!
I also got 2 great hanging baskets for my deck today. Wood with some green moss on them! So natural! I can't wait now until after the frost so I can get my deck filled with flowers. Some of you may remember last summer wasn't the best for me since I was in a cast for the last 9 weeks! UGH! I'm hopeful this summer with be very different! I told you I was so ready for spring!

I also can't wait for baseball! :-) I'm going to try to make a Cubs game this year. YES, I like the White Sox too but I have always been a Cubs fan since I was a kid. I really just love baseball in general. Nothing like being at the ballpark. Although I do like going to lower levels too. I've been to a few Jackhammer games & they are great. My cousins sons are also in traveling teams & they are so much fun to watch. Some of those parents though...GEEZ! Don't these parents know how much their behavior can kill a kids at school. The poor kids! What pressure they put on them at such a young age. Sometimes I really do think they deserve it when they grow up & complain on Dr. Phil! HA! Have fun guys, it is not life & death & worth road raging etc. Ok, did I just get on a soap box? Ha! Oh well it came from the heart who loves the kids & wants to just cry when I see these kids feeling so bad. Just LOVE THEM no matter what!

Well...Grey's Anatomy is a rerun & since James Bond is on AMC again.... :-) Sean Connery fans will love Goldfinger now, then To Russia with Love & later Dr. No. OH MAN! I just look at the weather...60s actually at the end of the week! Woo Hoo!


nhd106 said...

Love the shirt!  So very funky.  Happy early bday....
And what a bummer about Grey's that show!

detjebea5 said...

I really like that shirt. I think it looks fun. I love those hanging baskets. I was going to get some last year for my deck but got something different. Maybe this year. I am a big Cub fan also. I went to so many games with my dad when I was a kid. We used to take the L. I haven't been to a game in ages. Went to a Sox's game about 3 years ago. Have a great week.

mtrib2 said...

Happy B-day!   Living in S. Illinois, I was disappointed that the Cardinal's didn't make it to the series last year.    I don't watch the games until it is the final play offs and series.    In fact, last year I didn't even watch the series.    If the Cubs went to the series, I would definitely watch.     I have become more fond of Basketball in my old age of almost 54.     mark

jadejonez04 said...

When is your birthday?  Was it recently?  Happy belated birthday!  :-)  And many more!  HUGS