Monday, March 20, 2006

"Big Love"

Ok, who has watched this new HBO show "Big Love"? I've watched the first two episodes already & WOW! How did Bill Paxton get that role! HA! You can watch the preview, some clips from the first two episodes and interviews with the cast  here.

Ok, lets see would you share a guy with other women? Not me! Call me selfish but, I just don't get it. How do those women not mind, except maybe the idea that he is out of your hair for a bit. Like Katherine Hepburn use to say spouses should have their own homes! HA! Maybe it is like one of those vacation ideas...gone for a bit & then you actually miss them. ;-)

I suppose one could say well hey how about 1 women & 3 husbands...I'm not sure I'd really care for that either. I suppose that would be more attractive to women? I mean think about it episode was about Bill complaining he had 3 houses & cars & bills etc. So here each guy would have his own house & you'd think that would be more attractive to women. What were those wives thinking? Not too smart. Now wait...who is cleaning 3 houses? Ha! Better add a cleaning person! Would you ladies take 3 husbands? I think most would comment it is hard enough to train/break in one! HA!

Ok, so 1 guy has to deal with 3 women being "Um Moody!" HA! And you know that dorm thing of women's clocks timing together! HA! Poor guy! HA! Don't you think this show should be on Letterman's top ten! Ha! Dave could have a blast with Bill Paxton talking to him about the show. Funny Trump didn't think of this earlier! Ha! He wouldn't had to divorce & do a prenup!

Ok, have to move on to new topics but I'm sure you can all have fun with this. More later!



eml625 said...

I can barely handle what I have  already. Adding two more . Just more of a headache.  And I would not want to share my man with anyone , either!!!


cneinhorn said...

I LOVE that show!  3 husbands....hmmm....three incomes, three times as many prezzies for me....I can handle it!  HA!  LOL

great journal.