Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just Give Me A Beach!

Ugh! Can I just be plopped on a beach! :-) Well, security came up & listened to my voicemail which is kinda difficult to have them hear this but...

By the end he said, "It's kinda creepy!" That is what I said....lovely professional words we use huh! :-)

Well, we have figured caucasian male 37-41ish, professional and probably knows me. UGH! They are making me get escorted to my car. Better safe than sorry. They say he'll call back. So far nothing. Told me if it is some guy who is ok & just wanted to go out, to kick him in the shins & tell him to not do it this way! HA! MEN!

Keep you posted.


eml625 said...

THis is just like a book i'm reading !!! Hope he doesnt turn out to be some looney guy !!


deslily said...

smart move.. you can't be too cautious.  the message was way forward, unless its someone you know playing a joke.. in which case, its a bad joke

mtrib2 said...

I hope the caller is not a threat and quits calling before it gets worse.   mark

swibirun said...

For the record, I am 38 but I SWEAR it wasn't me.

Besides......I usually just breath heavy and whistle Star Spangled banner through my nostrils....that just brings them in by the droves.

You were right to err on the side of caution.  Of course, which is worse, someone with no social graces or a stalker?  that is a "you pick 'em".

Hopefully it all works out and ya never hear from him again.