Sunday, March 26, 2006

How Far Does Free Speech Go?

Ok, I'm sorry but I can't support this guy! Read this article & then come back!

Apparently the guy from "Super Size Me" did a speech at a High School & ridiculed the developmentally challenged, said teachers are smoking pot in the balcony & used the F Word! His defense...

"The greatest lesson those kids learned today was the importance of free speech," Spurlock said."

The students are cheering him! Well of course! Ugh! Great so they learn that they can be like this in the classroom & for that matter in personal time. You know Free Speech includes being able to speak intelligently & compassionately! Adults are suppose to be serving as role models (hence my last posting on parents at their kids baseball games too!) I suppose he'll now have to accept all the free speech of those who have complaints on him! HA!


nhd106 said...

Hmmm...this is a tough one.  I liked the movie...and even liked the guy.  Most importantly, I DO believe in freedom of speech.  HOWEVER, I do not approve of making fun of "retarded kids" by anyone...especially someone giving a speech to kids.   Ah...another one of life's dilemmas.  Does free speech have its limits?  I think it should.

swibirun said...

I took this one very personally since I equate using the word "retard" on the same level as calling a black person the n word or a woman the c word.  It is vile and hateful.  What do you think the reaction would have been if he had referred to all of the n's or c's in the room?  do you think it would have been as laughed off as this has been?

I wish he would do his 30 day program taking care of a person with developmental disabilities.  May I use the b-word for him?