Monday, March 20, 2006

Flower Show Pix

Ok here are some pix from the Flower Show! I had a great time Sun! I haven't been able to go for a few years with having my foot surgery so this was a real treat for my spirit! Actually my foot was ok, my shoulders had problems carrying the few bags I had but I managed without it getting too bad.

Pix 2 & 3

I had a great time heading to Chicago! It is just so beautiful! I really miss being down there on a daily basis.

Pix 4

This is on top of the Harold Washington Library which was being built when I was in graduate school at Roosevelt which is just a few blocks east.

Pix 5

Spring is popping out! The tulips were coming up near Buckingham fountain! Woo Hoo!

Pix 6 & 7

In Navy Pier they have a stain glass exhibit. I love stain glass. This is my favorite one!

Pix 8-11

This was the first thing I saw walking in to the show! It was quite cool! Go to "View Larger" to see some of these!

Pix 12-20

Tiptoeing through the tulips! :-) Don't tulips just say "Spring"! Was great to see them...especially since we are getting some more snow in a few hours! Ugh!  Then some of my favorite daisies in the last few years. Some have purple centers. I always get some of these for my deck. grandmothers favorite flowers. They come in blue & pink. Some new varieties of roses and some colorful primroses.

Pix 21-33

Some really cool water fountains! I love water fountains! I want to make an indoor one. Love to have one in my bedroom! Actually I'd love my bathroom to have a shower that was like a natural rock wall with a waterfall! Lots of plants & big trees! ;-) Then another rock exhibit with a rock cottage missing a roof. Reminds me of some ruin in a different country. Lovely rock stream with flowers & fish too! I love the fish! I really love the wood house. I love wood! Don't know why...gazebos made from sticks etc. Finally a very cool Southwest exhibit

Pix 34-37

I loved the glass balls which were lit up! One exhibit had a gazebo which then had a few stone steps which led to a jacuzzi with a water spouting exhibit behind it. That jacuzzi looked so peaceful & romantic! ;-)

Pix 38-44

Some unusual exhibits. First some lillies in a vase with water! Then some odd thing with a tub &duckies & a flower spout. Next, something my brother can do with all his bowling balls & pins! HA! A few interesting table exhibits. Martha would be so proud!

Pix 45-50

After I was done at the Flower Show I took my bags (oops have to tell you what I got) to my car & then walked around Navy Pier and did some shopping & observing. The main stage had a Pirate Juggler Ha! He was so great with the kids. Chelsea & I had seen Elmo there several years ago!

Pix 51-54

Some pix of outside the Pier later in the evening. I haven't gone on the Carousel yet. I thought about it & then said maybe I should wait & save it for some romantic time. The Odyssey & other boats looked inviting too. I loved hearing all the sea gulls.

It was great going to the show on the last day! Everything was reduced because they wanted to get rid of it. I got a cool 3 hole birdhouse which goes against a wall for just $5! Two ivy plants for $2 each. Can't beat that price even at Wal Mart! :-) Then a real pretty burgundy violet with lots of flowers for my living room & 2 purple violets for my bedroom which are suppose to be crawling vine types. I never saw ones like that. I also got a IL birds manual. I didn't have a bird book & I like watching the birds so I thought I would start to identify what I'm seeing & keep track a bit. I got some jewelry also that was cool. Thanks Mom & Dad for sending me a check for my b-day! :-) Ha!

Well no snow yet but it is suppose to start soon...ohhhh man "Goodbye Girl" with Richard Dreyfus is on now. Gotta Go! ;-)


deslily said...

wow lots of pics! lol.. you can tell someone with a digital camera! hahaha.. that would have cost a small fortune to have them all printed up!!.. looks like you had a great time!

detjebea5 said...

I live in Illinois and I have not been to the Flower Show in years. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. All the old memories came floating back because I used to go with my mom. Have a great day.

nhd106 said...

We recently went to one too...aren't they uplifting??  I have SO many pics, but only posted 3 (so far, that!)
Nice shots you got.

rap4143 said...

I was unable to attend our show in Boston this year.  Thanks for sharing yours.

imgr8phil said...

Very interesting pictures.  I've been to Chicago a couple of times, but it has been about 25 years since I was last there.  Those tulips were pretty.  Thanks for stopping by my journal.  Take care and have a great Sunday.