Friday, May 16, 2008

Woo Hoo...Here I Come Summer!

Woo Hoo!

I'm so excited! Can you tell...except that I'm ready to crash! I was up until 4:30am grading & had to get up at 9:30 to get to campus & finish up. Right on the money...except I have a few lingering students with uncooperative documents that have to be resolved on Monday! No problem! Tomorrow is Graduation & I already went looking for flowers for my deck on my way home! I'm soooo eager to start summer!

Problem is I have this ear thing going on..both ears...doc wants me to take Mucinex & the pharmicist is like that is just for better work after spending my money on it. I also have a night class which starts Mon but it is still so much more relaxing! It is just 6 weeks also & but then I have 1 8 week also too that will start up. God knows just for gas money it is needed much less medical I could even have fun this summer...ha!

Now that moment comes back...what do I do first?!!! I hate that feeling! So much put on hold for a bit & you want to catch up & do but...well small steps & it doesn't matter as long as I do something. I went to lunch & read more of Randy Pausch's book. I'm probably 1/2 way done with it. It is very good. More than the lecture on the web so that is good. One of my goals is to just spend time sitting relaxing & reading! That is what I should do...make a To Do List! Keep it organized a bit in my scattered tired brain right now. What surprises will this summer bring? Hopefully only good ones! Last summer I got a boyfriend! HA! Then again that ended after 7 mo but hey we had fun so...

I want to go back to the Art Museum & maybe some other things in Chicago...A Cubs game this year would be nice! :-) Next Thurs when I go for PT maybe I'll make a day of it since I'll be down there anyway! Well, fed the birds, called the don't want to know....93 in AZ! Ugh! Trying to stall falling asleep so I can get up early tomorrow. I'm too pooped to cook and I already went out to the local chinese buffet for lunch but...I think I just may go out for some dinner. I think I'll head to this big nursery we have not too far from here tomorrow after graduation & get my deck looking all summery! Got to get my hands playing in some dirt to feel like it is summer! :-)

At least it looks like we will have some 70s next week. It is staying cool longer this spring. I need to go through my whole garage & have a garage sale this top 10 in my to do list! Organize also...with my back & foot things got really unorganized in there not being able to pull down totes etc. Have to just be careful so I don't screw up anything though this summer...I want a summer with no injuries! Fishing...I want to go Fishing! I haven't been in such a long time! Just relax & listen to the nature sounds...ahhh! Ok, I better go have some dinner so I can come back & crash! More tomorrow...


garnett109 said...

enjoy your time off.

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your summer vacation!