Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Saw God Today!

Have you heard George Straits new song? It is just lovely! Very good to think about! Think? Thnk? Oh no...I'm on vacation...I'm not suppose to be thinking! HA!

It really is see God...or Love in EVERYTHING! When you see that person who is just being...poopie...thinking that this person is a struggling person or maybe or having a bad day...just maybe...a test to see if you will send love & kindness in return or just be poopie back is something to really remember to contemplate. I'm just as bad & struggling to think at times...more when I am tired or just not seeing life for how clear it really is...when you just be still and bring life back to what it is all about...LOVE!

Ok, gotta go watch some more...Brooks & Dunn & Garth is coming up! ;-)


motherearthgifts said...

GREAT blog & a great voice!
*Anything George does is great!)

garnett109 said...

Sounds good to me

chat2missie said...

Beautiful song.  I hadn't heard it yet, but now that I have, I think it's a favorite of mine.