Monday, October 15, 2007

Drama Queens!!!

Good God! What a bunch of Drama Queens! Are women really like this? No wonder men are so frustrated with women! GEEZ!

Ok, yes there are men that are totally nuts too but I can't believe this! I think they should have older people on this show. The young ones have no clue! To say that a person who is divorced is like a used car...give me a break! You have no idea why the divorce happened & those girls have no idea what entails a marriage...and they will be divorced soon if they continue to act like this in a marriage! This guy is sunk no matter what as far as I'm concerned. I don't see a one that is genuine & worth a lifetime. I'm not saying I'm perfect or expect them to be but they are just pathetic! I think they should have some type of counselor on there guiding the guy & the girls on what makes for a good marriage, how to handle problems, ask the questions they should ETC!!!! How can you fall in love with a guy (or woman) you barely know! And the reality is dirty underwear left on the floor, cold cream & ponytails! HA! You have to be able to love them then! (PS...that dirty underwear on the floor was meant for the guy! Ha!) When they snore, fart (remember Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting! Ha!) etc. And where are these girls dreams? Where is there independent life they want to live? (I meant your own live & support each other in your can't be absorbed by the other!)

And they act like he is the only man on this planet for each & every one of them! Ugh! I don't want him with any of them at this point. Have they talked about politics? How about kids? I know we only see the edited version of the show & most likely out of context but geez show the example others should use. I'd love to follow these couples & see how many end up in divorce. 

This poor guy...well partial...he is the one that thought this would be a good idea...what does that say? Hmmm?

Next why she is leaving? And falling down the stairs...hmmm well does the clutz factor get to guys?

I don't know this just seems too fake for me! Is anyone believing any of this? 

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ceilisundancer said...

Yeah, there are several guys who would not mind women's lingerie on the floor:)  Ah this stuff seems so bizarre to me, also.  I'm glad we've been too busy to watch any television, so that my daughter isn't temptedto ask me to watch this show!