Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This Man Gets It!

Did you catch
Jerry Seinfield on Oprah? I watched it tonight. It was on his new movie "The Bee Movie." It looks cute.

Oprah also discussed some points from their interview for the Nov issue (just got it this weekend!). I just melted when he discussed his wife Jessica...

"I love my wife Jessica. I just always want to be with her. Even if she's talking to someone on the phone, I want to be there. I enjoy her aroundness."

Jerry says that marriage is work, but he doesn't mind. "You've got to clean up the messes, you know," he says. "People are lazy and I'm tired of it. Everything's work. There's nothing wrong with work."

It's her husband's work ethic that Jessica says she most admires. "He's just the best," she says. "He's such a great role model. He's a great role model for our children, and he's a great role model in the world because he gives 150 percent to our marriage, to our children, to this movie, to his stand-up every weekend, to all of his friends."

Are you crying? I am! They've been married 7 yrs now & they still feel this way! That is what it is all about!

I saw this older couple in the parking lot tonight & they were holding hands! :-) OHHHH & I was at my secretary's wedding Sat & this older couple, I'd say early 60s were standing behind me & the gentleman was all kiddy about the fact that they were getting married themselves in 4 weeks. I've always been fascinated how people have met, how they propose etc. The couple said that she told him she was not getting married again but then they were discussing it for a few months & one day he said, he had a voicemail messages that said, "Ok, I'll marry you" HA! All the older couples were dancing. I sooooo love dancing! In fact,in Hope Floats Harry Connick Jr.'s character Justin says, "Dancings just a conversation between two people...talk to me!" I totally agree! Unfortunately, I grew up in that horrible Disco era & have no clue how to dance like my parent's generation did. I should take some classes when my back is better. My back is getting better I think, since my toe is not tingling so much & I can curl it under pretty normally! Cross your fingers! It was a very fun wedding. Everyone was dancing & the bride had an awesome comboy wedding dress with fringe & a white cowboy hat with a veil in the back an white boots! The 2 flower girls were dress like her with silver sequin trim on the hat & they had a hat they were also carrying with rose petals to throw. Very cute! The one girl went down the eye rolling her eyes saying "This is boring!" Ha! Don't you love kids!

Well off to dreamland! Later...

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deslily said...

I love that movie Hope Floats!..  something about Harry Connick's character of Justin that made him totally irrestable!!