Monday, September 24, 2007

Mr. Bachelor

Ok, ladies what do you think? I'm still watching but BIG RED FLAG right away...

"I want to be the PERFECT HUSBAND."

OMG!!! Ok, I've never been married but even I know there is no such thing! Why would he want to be that? I mean that is an incredible amount of pressure and if he picks a woman who really wants will be a problem in the first five minutes. I would not want a guy like that. He wouldn't feel free to be silly & make mistakes. Life is full of problems & you won't always make the perfect decisions even perfect for the time. He'd be walking on eggshells all the time trying so hard to be perfect & not make mistakes. I would not want some guy thinking I will be the PERFECT WIFE! Ugh!

Ok, so maybe he is meaning "the perfect one" for someone...but again, it isn't like you will agree on every single...blech! If you did life would be boring. I mean conversations would be "Do you like this..yep....You want to do this...yep..." UGH! Now I just went over the Love Chapter with my Social Psych students & similarity is really what most desire but up to a point. Differences make it fun too. They make you each think & grow into an even better person.

Alright enough of that...lets get to the real stuff...these women...what do you think about them? GEEZ! You wonder were they picked some of them & if they did that just to make the show more interesting. Is that fair to the bachelor to do that when he could have had a few more nicer women to pick from. I mean it shouldn't be that hard to find some more.

First, the drunk thing...what the heck?

Second, did you see all the expressions when he was choosing? Man if you are going to be like that & such a sore loser you shouldn't be picked!

Third, what is with the crocodile tears...geez you just met the guy for a few hours & he is your soulmate? Good God! There is a divorce waiting to happen! You don't know anything about him other than ya he is definitely a poster hunk & has quite a bit of money...what guy would want a women just picking him on that? Man!

Fourth, ok fake body parts...I'd think eventually he is going to find out! what do you think on the bikini woman? I mean true that is a way to stand out but is that good or not...I think it could have been ok except when she wanted him to take his pants off...bit too early & in front of others? Hmmm? Creative but...we'll have to see with her later. I thought he was going to give her the rose at first. I do like the one, so far, he gave the first impression rose to.

Ok, so lets see how things go...let me know what you does look like it will be interesting. I haven't really followed any of these in the future but I might with this one. Might even have my social psych students watch & compare to the research in the class. Like I don't think ??? there were any women older than him? What about education level...he didn't go to college etc. I'll have to have my students do a bit of research on this.


acoward15 said...

I don't think anyone on these shows think any further than fame and money.

chat2missie said...

I've been married almost 19 years, and nope, no such thing as a perfect husband.

mariealicejoan said...

The Perfect Husband is a myth.  Ain't no such animal!

sunnyside46 said...

I really really hate reality tv. Isn't that an oxymoron?
When did it become entertainment to watch people make fools of themselves?

acoward15 said...

Isn't it about time we had a new entry?