Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hi...didn't get this out earlier but still wanted to. Did you all have fun for St. Patrick's Day. I went up north by my folks & went to a parade with my cousin & her 2 yr old daughter. We had fun! Loved the bagpipes & watching all the kids run for the necklaces & candy they were through out to the crowd.

Ok, so I'm not Irish...well? Maybe a bit on my maternal grandfather? But I'll take a kiss anyway! HA! I want to make a shirt that says that! HA! After the parade we went to this Grill & I had Cornbeef & Cabbage & red potatoes! My mom would usually make it for my b-day (shhh it is tomorrow...well today now!) but she's in Phoenix for the winter so...My cousins bought my lunch for my b-day & then when we got back to her house she had a slice of Portillo's chocolate cake with two candles & they sang and she videotaped! She is soooo sweet. Her mom & dad left me a card with a check which totally shocked me! I had gotten another card Friday from my Godfather & my great aunt & today in the mail from another aunt & uncle.

Afterwards I took Sam & Ella to the vet for their shots. As I was getting to the door I could see people pointing. Then I crack open the door & the girls at the desk yelled "Sam & Ella is here" and people were coming out of the rooms to see them. OMG! It was so wierd. Well, then I went to a reptile store to get the food recommended and they said my turtles are females. I'm getting so confused. The poor turtles. They were sure, saying the males have long nails to grab around the females belly to...umm...well you know & then their tail is long to wrap around for the same reason. HA! I'm so confused. I get use to calling them "he" and then they say they are "she" then I get use to that & they tell me "he" and now back again. Ugh!

Well, I went to one our big nurseries and looked the animals. They had a munchkin cat. I had never seen a live one...just pictures. So odd! Have you seen pictures of them? They have very tiny you might guess from the name. Now I'm not sure what the purpose was to breed this...were cats too tall for some reason? Then I went & looked at some plastic plants for Sam & Ella's tank & the artifical flowers to put some spring into my home's spirit. They had some really cool river bend rocks that were brown & some burgundy...more powdery than smooth & shiny. I got some for my bettas. I'm still waiting on the slate rock to build Sam & Ella a step up to a ledge they can basket & the water falls down.  

My tummy was bothering me a bit tonight...had Pizza Huts thin & cripy with mushrooms, onions & peppers...hmmm think that could of done it...oh & this afternoon my annual Shamrock Shake! HA! I did have cake earlier too...starting to sound like a kid that at too much at the circus or carnival! HA! It is settling down now though.

I had a bit of the Irish luck I think. I got a check in the mail from Pepsi for $20...for that website thing where you type in your cap numbers. Isn't that great! I'm going to use it at the flowershow tomorrow.

Now isn't that a great place for a little green shamrock tatoo! HA! I love playing with temporary tatoos! I have to find some shamrock ones!

This bear reminds me of the shamrock Beanie Bear I got my cousin's little girl for today. She loved it. She had a doggie with shamrocks & her grandma & grandpa got her a bear that sings "When Irish Eyes are Singing"...her daddy sings this to her when she goes to bed & she is beginning to sing it! HA!

I'm hoping this works. I loved it! HA!

Well tonight I looked on cable & one of my favorite movies which is usually on for St. Patrick's was nowhere to be found so I popped into my dvd player my own copy..."The Quiet Man" with John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara. You know I think I should have been a red-head! They says blondes? Give me a break, Ann-Margaret, Sophia Loren, Maureen O'Hara...see! If you have never seen it here are some clips you can watch. One of my favorite lines is..."There'll be no locks and bolts between us Mary Kate--except for those in your mercenary little heart." They don't have a clip of this though...ugh. And in the graveyard scene they cut it off before it gets raining on John Wayne & his shirt becomes translucent and he doesn't have an undershirt on!


princesssaurora said...

For some bizarre reason... your journal is stretching everything out!  Glad you got to watch your movies...and that Sam and Ella are having fun!

be well,

nana0014 said...

Cute graphics... your flasher didn't work.

princesssaurora said...

Hey!  It fixed!  LOL  Are ya gonna play the meme?  I might have another one later... lol

be well,