Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Guys are Home!

Well the vet called this morning & it seems that Sam & Ella have a vitamin A deficiency & this is causing the respiratory infection. I asked how this could be since they have been fine for 5 yrs. She wasn't totally sure. She told me that the superworms are not enough? Hmmm? Fine all this time. Gave me a list of foods to feed them:

Purina Trout Chow
Tetra Reptomin Foating food
Romaine lettuce
Algae & Pond weeds

Ok, some of these I'm not too sure where I'm going to get them. I'm calling the reptile store tomorrow. Ugh...don't you love pet stores that just don't tell you everything you need to know. I'm just so upset & worried also that I caught it in time.

The vet gave them a shot of antibiotics & Vitamine A/D. Sat & Tues I go back with them for antibiotic shots & the following Fri for antibiotics & another Vitamin A/D. When I got there Ella looked much better & was more alert as the vet mentioned etc. Later in the evening I think she looked worse & seemed to be lethargic & gasping for air? I'm calling them tomorrow because the vet really didn't tell me any sense of how bad they are. They were nice & didn't charge me for 2 exams.

Sam is overweight the vet said & Ella is ok weight. Sam is no surprise "he"...oh the way I was right originally when I got them! They are boys! Somehow a few years ago someone was talking to me about them & I thought I had been wrong they were female but she confirmed they are that I was getting use to saying "she". You know...2 male cats, male turtles...I probably have male fish & hermit crabs. Tons of males in this place! HA! Well, Sam is very aggressive and dominant & would bite your finger off if he could! This is why Sam is about 4 times as big as Ella now! Oh BTW they all loved their names at the Animal Hospital. I just shake my head thinking it isn't that creative & kinda goofy but they are like "No, that is so great!" Ha! I'm also getting the label of "the turtle lady" Ha! Actually, I don't mind since I love turtles. So, less food for Sam & then to feed Ella & make sure he gets to eat I have to take him out & put him in the pet carrier I got & feed him there.

This would be Sam! HA! He is probably a Frat Boy! HA! Rugby Guy! HA!

I saw this quote & loved it. Wanted to get credit to the person too. I always find personal meaning to my spirit in things so I'm not surrprised I like turtles with this idea of them. I totally agree. Funny though, at times you may retreat into your shell...hmmm and then other times it is stuck way out. Now the slowness of turtles I think is a reminder for me to slow down! HA!  

Well, I was asleep but woke up & now I'm getting a bit tired again. I'll let you know how they are doing. Hopefully by next week they we'll be back to their old selves.


demandnlilchit said...

I grew up with turtles...we had the dime store kind (can't buy those anymore) and we had a snapping turtle named Oliver....they hold a special place in my heart, I even blocked a church parking lot entryway when I saw a turtle trying to cross the street and I didn't want any of the church goers to accidently run him over! lol So once he got to the otherside I moved my SUV! Talk about dirty looks....not very Christian like if you ask me! lol


princesssaurora said...

I loved all the graphics!!  I do hope that they continue to get better... sending prayers... looking forward to more updates too!

be well,