Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Baby is Home & Into Trouble Already!

Well, my baby is home & getting into TROUBLE already! His middle name is TROUBLE but then heck it's mine too! HA! Did I mention I whacked my head on my freezer door yesterday! Ugh! Not quite as bad as the time I whacked it on the shower mounting in my dorm when everyone was already gone for break & I was waiting for the train the next morning! Ugh! I got ice on it right away...well the freezer was open so...but I still have quite a goose egg!

I called & they said the rest of his results came in. His Urinanalysis showed crystals & some blood. He has to take antibiotics for 2 weeks & then gets checked again. They gave him some fluids and antibiotics & he is already his perky self! He was complaining & hissing at the girls! HA! They told me today the Pancreatitis could just be from stress and not the fishy water with Stress Coat! HA! Maybe I should do some meditation with him! HA! You'd think the petting/massage he gets from me would relax him...and me! HA! I know Country (aka "Osma") stresses him. We'll see? (I just massaged him on my lap for 1 hr! I was falling asleep I was so relaxed! HA! Too bad Dusty can't give me a massage! HA! Dang, knew there was ONE reason I needed to have a guy in my life! HA!)


Well, we got home & Dusty headed straight for his water bowl. Drank for about 5 min it seemed but apparently water from the tap is not as delightful to Dusty's palate as fresh fish water, so he decided to try the goldfish bowl on the coffee table. Unfortunately for him, I had a glass dome on it (like one you put over plants). It was so funny, you  could see he was frustrated...oh no...Stress! HA! Well, then again I do prefer my Penta Water so? And I was filtering the water until recently. My filter is busted & PUR sent me a replacement last year but I was in a cast & couldn't answer the door in time. I have emailed them twice asking them to resend but they haven't even responded. Ugh! So maybe Dusty just can't go back. Someone should make some fish flavored water...I bet that would sell like crazy...hmmm ok I better get that in the works fast! HA! I couldn't get my camera quick enough to get the evidence I needed with Plan A but I'm sure I'll catch him again later.


When Dusty couldn't get to that one he headed to my desk. GOTCHA! After I captured all the proof I needed my parent voice spoke, "Excuse me Sir?!" He "knew" and let out this complaining squeak "You never let me have any fun!" HA! Probably a "Right lady like you never do anything bad!" also...HA! Next? My kitty is a MENSA member! HA! (IQ top 2% of the population!) You can see my desk needs John to come clean it! HA! In all fairness his was not that great just a bit ago though! It is a roller coaster...I get sick & cleaning doesn't get done & then it gets superclean again once I'm feeling better.


Well, then the rascal  decided to head to the bedroom & attempted to tell the Betta on one of my end tables "I'M BACK!" Little did he knew I moved him to a taller dresser. Hee Hee! Well, he is such a smarty pants! When he didn't find it, he actually went to the other end table to look for it. I never had one there! HA! Such insight & problem solving abilities my baby has! Nebelungs are quite clever!


Get rid of the Mistress of the house! HA! I went to run some errands, had some returns & wanted to check out a Furniture sale in the area. Not sure what he managed to do when I was gone...I now know why people get cameras to watch what their pets do when they are gone! HA! Actually, a few years ago I left a tape recorder running in the living room when I left to see if I could catch Country Terrorizing Dusty when I left. Didn't get anything! They are just too smart for me! HA! Furniture sale wasn't anything great but I did get a Aromatherapy/Light/Nature Sound machine. I just read some good & quite bad reviews of it but I'll see how it works for me. It plays a heart beat, white noise, birds, babbling brook, rain & a few others. The colors go through this crystal ball that looks like one of those glass paperweights. It has two different aromatherapy scents. I figured I can return it if it doesn't help. It was a dreary rainy day today.  Got tired since I didn't get much sleep since Dusty got sick so I left a few errands for tomorrow. Gotta try to get out of the house a bit each day.


My plan was to distract Dusty! ;-) Since it was a bit cooler today I certainly didn't need the AC on, so I opened the windows! Dusty loves to check out who is outside. That got his interest away from the fish for quite some time! YA!


So far Sunday Dusty looks still ok but I have yet to witness him eating & can't get him to do it with me. I even shared some of my chicken but he didn't eat it & he loves chicken? Hmmm? We'll see tomorrow. Maybe his tummy is still bothering him? He is only 8lbs but he has always been about this weight. I dont know...just worried!


lurkynat said...

geee Deborah crytalized blood! Eckkkkk
I mean I sure hope your baby gets better love,natalie

rebuketheworld said...

psychofun---Woman, why didnt you tell me you had a blog? Looks great,,I hit it up for alerts,,,love your humor as usual,,,,hope your kitty gets better,,,I have a kitty story,,,tell yah sometime..take care---Raven

plittle said...

I hope you were joking about the penta water. That stuff is the biggest scam on the face of the earth.

psychfun said...

No, I'm not joking! Ask a scientist! We have many on campus. Also you can look at Dr. Weil's Website about Reverse Osmosis Water filtration! Did you look at the Penta site? You can email them & they will send you research. I have many advanced research & statistics courses having a Masters in Psych & a year of my PhD done plus some.

Also ask some nutritionist. Heck doesn't hurt to even try it & see how you feel! Also, it is a bit better than filtering yourself & many people just buy bottle water & don't look at the back & see it is just your major town water! If you look at the water profiles (they send them to you in the mail) they have the minimum requirements that is not great! Also, some are still drinking well & when you are in a rural area all the fertilizers etc are in there & that is why we have hot spots of different types of cancers in our area!

Dr. Weil: :

imgr8phil said...

Glad to hear the kitty is doing better.  I'm sure you love the fact it can get into trouble . . . in fact I think you relish in it LOL.  Have a great weekend.


helmswondermom said...

Smart cat!  Glad he's doing better and hope he continues to do better and eats soon!