Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Homeless Children Just as Deserving!

I'm very angry!!!!

Read this short article about Valparaiso IN's public library no longer letting homeless children check out books. They said they lost $4,000 from books not being returned. Like they could not find some business to donate money. Heck, just getting some police & fireman out on a corners collecting one weekend I'm sure they could get that money back.
Think of all the books people have after their kids grow older that can be donated! I'm just livid can you tell. Apparently, homeless adults can get 3 month cards are at a time. We have people & children who are homeless, what is the chances they are going to school? And they go into a library to actually get a book....just visualize this. They have the desire & motivation...geez I wish children who were not homeless would go more often! They go one place to find some normacy, to escape in a book, to continue to grow & improve & they take this away!

I don't know how these people sleep at night. I know they can probably say they can come into the library & just read the books but to take it with them & just have something it to escape when need be & feel proud of. Did they replace this with say a donation box of free books they can take or anything? I'm calling them tomorrow. I wonder what the policies are in other libraries? I have to do something about this. The children are suffering already being homeless & that is just not right first & now we do this. Just guess what their reading abilities may be & we are certainly not helping the problem here.  I have to do something about this!!!! First, here is the library's or write them!!! I'm going to call tomorrow and ask some questions! I'll keep you updated!


nhd106 said...

Way to go!   You are absolutely right.

jeannieclaire said...

Hey, thanks for posting to my journal.  You raised some very valid points.  I appreciate your feedback.  By the way, John Denver was my uncle Mark's favorite singer.  Interestingly enough, the week before he died, he gave me John Denver's CD "I Want to Live."  I have often wondered if my uncle knew he was nearing the end.  He was tragically killed when he slipped and fell into the path of a subway in Chicago.  John Denver always had such a clear, crisp sounding voice.  I always have been fond of the song that goes "Take Me Home Country Roads."  You have a great journal!  I'll stop back and check it out periodically.  Have a great weekend!

imgr8phil said...

I understand why you would be upset about that, but libraries are usually on limited budgets and if their books don't get returned then no one else will have access to the books either.

I wish this government would concentrate on problems like homelessness, education and healthcare.  Instead we spend tons of money on useless wars, bridges to nowhere, and drafting legislation to prevent gay marriage.  

I feel badly for people that don't have access to all they should be entitled to being a citizen of the United States.  Have a good Sunday.


swibirun said...

Did I miss something?  I never saw where they related the $4,000 in unreturned books specifically to homeless families.  


pharmolo said...

Noble thoughts and food for thought. Enjoyed your entry, which I reached through CarnivAOL.

inquestoftruth said...

How could they be sure it was the homeless not returning the books?      

bhbner2him said...

Coming by way of CarniAOL.  There has to be a solution for the children without a steady home.  Be it donations as you suggested, or what.  I suppose their parents just have too many problems on their hands to see that the books get back.  OR even the children may be completely on thier own.  -  Barbara

lurkynat said...

gee Deborah! I think that is so very sad! thaks for telling us about it
love you,natalie

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Bravo!!!!!! Good for you in speaking out and I agree with you! I'm going to put you on alerts to find out what's going on. You know, we are spending billions upon billions of dollars in rebuilding a country we blew up and we have children who are living in the streets. Wake up America! Take care of your own!

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Oops ~ forgot to say I came this way via CarnivAOL.