Friday, June 2, 2006

Belated B-day to Superman

Well, I didn't get this out yesterday. Not feeling well, but apparently we need to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Superman! AOL says it was his birthday yesterday! I didn't know that! Now I'll be first in line to give some birthday spankings! ;-) Look at the song I'm listening to. Different version but do you remember that from the Chris Reeve movie? That is really wierd this song would come on while I'm doing this entry.

Don't  you think every guy should have his own Superman Costume?! ;-) Come on ladies wouldn't you just love your man to come running in the door & pull on his shirt like this...hee hee...I'm getting excited...hang on, I need to have a little fantasy moment here! Hmmm... who should I pick...maybe George Clooney! ;-)Wait wasn't he Batman? Well, I can just go back & forth with my little fantasy! HA! Maybe someone from the past? hmmmm!

I miss Chris Reeve! Anyone else! Anyone seen the new Superman yet? Is it out yet? Hmmm? Maybe I'll go see it soon.

You know one of the best ways to say Happy Birthday to Superman is to honor Chris with a lovely donation to his foundation! Lovely tags! :-)


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lurkynat said...

I love you Deborah! I miss Christopher Reeves way too much!
He was so swesome and sucha wonderul humna being ; not unike our beloved Superman! will the new guy be able to fill the shoes?