Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Homeless Children WIN!!!!!

I'm so happy I just want to dance everywhere!!! Except I can't because of my foot right now (next posting!) but my heart & spirit is dancing! :-) I was out of state for the weekend for a wedding (next post) so I couldn't get this posted but last Fri I read the homeless children in Valparaiso who were denied library priviledges (read previous post!) were given them back! YA! The original article is linked in the first post & here is the most recent article explaining their "change of mind!"

I'm so happy they were not able to get away with this craziness! As I mentioned it just didn't make sense...but then when is that ever a requirement these days huh! HA!

This is such good news! I say some jumping for joy & cartwheels are in order even!

Popsicles for everyone! :-)

Ok, that is checked off the list of things to get changed in the world...NEXT! :-)

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nhd106 said...

WAY TO GO!   Excellent!   You rock, girl.