Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yes I'm Alive & Still Want MACHO!!!

I know, I know...its been a long time. Busy really. I have 1 class done now & just 1 more for 5 more weeks.  Also just enjoying my summer a bit so...

Ok, I have so much to journal on I don't know where to start. Well first, Dell redid my computer & it has a few bugs but they are working them out. I ordered my sound card at midnight & it was here at 10am the next day! WOW! I have sound now! Woo Hoo!

I'm practically living at PT! Both feet, both knees & my hand! Ugh! Now my back for 12 more weeks! I had an MRI but the doc hadn't read it in like 6 weeks he had...ugh but he said it doesn't matter really it is how I'm feeling & if I'm doing ok then that is what is important. Well, I'm not where I want to be but that is what this summer I feel. Treadmilled an hour tonight, took a quick shower & then went to the festival to watch the fireworks. My new motto is do a bit of work, then have fun, little work, then fun! :-) I'm also trying to be more spontaneous and find things I have not done before. Today, I went to a French Market (not any different than general Farmer's Market in my opinion) that I always wanted to go to. I got some fruit and veggies! Last week I tried a new restaurant up north that was Fabulous! Mimi's Cafe...Chicken Pot Pie was AWESOME! They must have had 2 chicken breasts in it. They made it in a crock! So big it looked like I just picked at my food I had so much to take home. Saw a few movies & I'll post on them separately soon. Oh I went for acupuncture last weekend & today. relaxing!

Ok, I'm sorry but there is no way I'd go out with a guy wearing this! Maybe all the young people will get into this but I don't think the older guys will...THANK GOD! I still want MACHO!!! ;-)

I had Sam& Ella outside today...what goofs...they always go to the building across & walked along the side of it? What is up with that? It was really windy today so maybe they did not like that. The rainbow slate rock finally came in at the shop so I got some today...still need some. Trying to make them a step up to a ledge they can sunbathe & have the filter be a water fountain effect. Not perfected yet...need more slate...ugh!

OH! I got a new glide board for my Total Gym. Mine was the first model so we could not get the wheels anymore. I'm so glad to be using it again. I need to get into a consistent pattern now & with 1 less class I'm hoping I can before Fall starts.

Well, I'll try to post more tomorrow...


garnett109 said...

get well soon

chat2missie said...

Hopefully soon, you'll be back to feeling good.  Evey part of you!