Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No Cows Yet!

Well, so far I haven't seen any cows! HA! The city sirens were going off while we were in class. Our school ones were not going off so I looked up on the weather channel...tornado in our area..they just got up & I said ok. Called downstairs & they said they were looking into it & may pull it. We went down & about 5 min later they pulled the alarms. We were downstairs about 30 min & then back up for about 40 min & they pulled them again. Then we were down there more than an hour! I did an activity & taught as we sat on the floors! HA! Kept our minds off the tornado & the parking lot lights going on & off. So now I've taught while waking up on the operating table...they asked me questions to wake me up..HA...and sitting on a floor during a tornado! HA!

Finally our head of security told everyone where the current one was & heading & said he couldn't force them to stay. Some heading the opposite directions left & some stayed another 10 min. He rode up the elevator with me & down to my office to get my purse & then walked me to the door. He was wonderful & took care of us! Took me 30 min to get home. Firetrucks everywhere! Cars stranded under viaducts! You couldn't see until you got to the water. They police stopped me along the river & had us turn around & go one street over as the bigger trucks were having a difficult time. Lawns were flooding & rushing into the street. Right now they said we have already had 3 inches of rain. My lawn in flooded. Sometimes I had to go in the opposite lane to avoid the water & other times both sides just went slow & prayed!

The map is appears the storm just stays & gets wider & redder! Ugh! I think they are popping up like crazy around me. All but one student emailed me they are home safe. Yep...I told them to! :-) Well...tornado paths change directions etc. We had one come through a few years ago. Next day damage in the trees...looked like a war zone! Not too bad but more than I saw even when I was a kid!

Right now I wish I had a set of big arms & a chest to just surround me & hold me tight and make me feel soooo safe! ;-) Certainly might keep my mind off the big cracks of thunder! ;-)


mariealicejoan said...

It must be scary to live with this fear of tornados all the time.  I have lived in areas before that were tornado prone and I hated it.  Thankfully we dont' get any here!  Hope you stay safe and sound!

sangrialel said...

I hope that the storm isn't too bad and that you are safe and sound.  Linda

chat2missie said...

That must have been scary!

sunnyside46 said...

you have more traveling adventure, don't you
I'm glad you are home safe