Friday, October 31, 2008

My Choice

Hi...Well this is quite strange blogging here now. Not that I haven't used blogger before but just for my AOL thoughts it seems strange. AOL has an item again on wedding rings & what they say about you. But they do not include many other shapes like Pear & Heart. If I had a choice, and a prince who wanted to give me one ha...I would love the heart shape. I know dripping romantic but that is me! Doesn't have to be huge or really any particular size. And quite frankly it is just a symbol and not something that I NEED to have for someone to tell me how much they love me & are devoted to me nor for me to tell them.

I also like unusual or maybe just unique is the idea wedding bands. Isn't this one cool!

And look at this one...I didn't know what this meant until just now! 'Mo Anam Cara' translates into English as 'My Soul Mate'. Pronounced, 'Muh Onum Kara'. Oh boy do I love that idea! I love looking at other cultures.

What do you think?


MariesImages said...

I love that top wedding band, it's
B E A U T I F U L!

Rose~* said...

Rose here from Vancouver, waving "Hi". I never thought of having a diamond ring in the shape of a heart, but that would have suited me just fine. My first wedding ring was a triple set of diamonds set in a white gold starbust effect. However, I lost two of the diamonds and hubby had to buy me another, so we settled on one that exactly matched his band. I'll show a picture of it some day. Welcome to Blogger, by the way!

Sugar said...

ty for the email. be sure & come over & visit me if you've not already been, & enter yourself on the sidebar, if you're not there already.
have a beautiful day.

Sugar said...

oh, for some reason your followers tag isn't working right now (at least not for me). it won't let me add myself. i'll try to remember to come back later & try again.

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Glad you got moved over..hope you have a good the rings...I love all the rings...good luck picking the right one...hugs,TerryAnn